Martha Stewart Gives You Permission To Shake Away In Hilarious Iced Coffee Etiquette Video

In partnership with Dunkin', the all-knowing Martha Stewart has shared her thoughts on a controversial iced coffee practice in a new Instagram reel. The question is: to shake or not to shake? Some call it obnoxious while others compare it to music or ASMR. (Fans of shaking might even tell you it helps sweeteners mix more thoroughly into the drink and will create a desirable froth.)

As we've seen in the past, the celebrity chef, lifestyle guru, businesswoman (and convicted felon) makes fun of her own brand, this time providing a hilarious lesson in iced coffee etiquette. While Stewart's at it, she gives us a mini-tour of the grounds of her impressive home. Standing in her elegant kitchen with a cup of Dunkin' iced coffee and a platter of donuts before her, the famous multi-hyphenate provides a dramatic introduction: "Shaking your iced coffee? Some say it's okay, others frown upon it. I say go with it, as long as you follow the rules."

Next, perched on a wooden beam in her aviary full of peacocks, Stewart shakes her cup of Dunkin' at one of the birds with an air of sophistication. Meanwhile, she declares in a serene voiceover that shaking one's iced coffee "loud and proud" is perfectly acceptable in "lively social gatherings."

Finally, seated with a cat lounging on a table, Stewart elaborates: "More intimate settings may call for more discreet shaking." She throws in a knowing eyebrow raise and a sly smile as she delicately swirls her Dunkin' cup.

The lifestyle queen's endorsement is great news for anyone who loves to shake their iced coffee

Sure, Dunkin' Iced Coffee isn't as affordable as it used to be, but it's not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to see Martha Stewart drinking. Of course this added to the hilarity of the video and left viewers analyzing each thoughtful detail — like how Stewart is reading a copy of her own book, "Entertaining," at one point. "Consider this the iced coffee shaker's official rule book. #dunkin #icedcoffee #etiquette#dunkinpartner," read the caption of the Instagram post.

Commenters seemed more than willing to embrace Stewart's iced coffee rules. One person wrote, "Martha gets it." Other commenters attested to the effective advertising, with one writing: "This is hilarious and makes me want to buy a Dunkin iced coffee."

This isn't the first time Dunkin' has used the shaking debate to advertise its iced coffee. A tongue-in-cheek TikTok ad compared the sound of iced coffee jangling in a plastic Dunkin' cup to "the sweet sound of serotonin" and "good vibes," concluding that "iced coffee is cheaper than therapy." Sure, a bit over the top, but maybe Martha Stewart agrees.

In her latest Instagram, Stewart has put her comedic chops to good use to provide a next-level endorsement for Dunkin' iced coffee. Now that she's laid out her iced coffee etiquette, will she tell us her Dunkin' order?