Rice Cakes Are The Crunchy Base You Should Be Eating Egg Salad On

Egg salad sandwiches are the perfect no-muss, no-fuss meal for on-the-go. Throw one of those bad boys in your lunch box, and you have a perfect high-protein meal to get you through the workday. However, if you or your kids think egg salad sandwiches are a bit boring, there are ways to improve the time-tested formula. For instance, give your sandwiches a bit of added crunch by substituting the bread for rice cakes. 

Because they are made from puffed rice that's been fuzed together, rice cakes are perfect for adding texture to your egg salad sandwich. They're crispy without being too crunchy and don't add too much of a distinctive flavor to the meal. You will still get that traditional egg salad taste, just now, with a better mouthfeel that helps you appreciate the creaminess of the egg yolks.

Likewise, using rice cakes instead of loaf bread helps solve one of the biggest problems of egg salad sandwiches — soggy bread. Due to its wet contents, egg salad can quickly overwhelm your bread if fixed too far in advance. There's nothing worse than a sopping, wet sandwich for lunch. If your child's ever complained that their egg salad sandwiches were a bit too mushy, this is the hack for you.

How to fix an egg salad sandwich

This egg salad sandwich hack is elegant in its simplicity because it shouldn't require any extra work than if you were using a slice of bread. All you need is your egg salad mixture, which, depending on the recipe, includes eggs, celery, onions, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard. For the mixture, you'll want to boil your eggs, mash them, and then mix with other ingredients. From there, assembling the sandwich just requires spreading your mixture on a rice cake before closing the sandwich between another rice cake. 

If that seems like a bit too much crunch for you, you can leave your sandwich open instead. While you could make your own rice cakes, it's far easier and more convenient to just buy some at the store. You will want to avoid flavored rice cakes, like chocolate or caramel, for obvious reasons and just go with the plain variety. In addition to adding crunch to your sandwich, rice cakes may also be the better option if you're trying to lower your calorie intake as well. After all, rice cakes are often substituted for bread due to their lower calories. Replace the mayo with Greek yogurt, and you'll have a low-fat egg salad sandwich.