Jell-O Shots In Syringes Are Old News. Try Boozy Eyeballs Instead

When it comes to Halloween, there's never a shortage of crafty ideas, spooky décor inspo, and fun party recipes to make any October get-together memorable. If you're one to party-hop your way through Halloween, you've likely come across your fair share of Jell-O shots in drinkable syringes. They're a popular crowd-pleaser for their creative presentation and are simple to whip up if you want to elevate a classic party staple. For those searching for fresh Halloween party ideas that will amp up the creepy factor of your Jell-O shots this year, boozy eyeballs are the way to go.

It's as simple as grabbing your favorite gelatin flavor and bottle of liquor. The fun part is deciding how to display the eyeball. Vodka is the most common, and one of the best types of alcohol used in Jell-O shots, but others like rum and even wine can be used. Using vodka makes it easy to mix with and complement popular Jell-O flavors. They're also great when you need to pace yourself during Halloween drinking games since it usually takes around four jiggly shooters to equal one normal shot of alcohol. As for your Jell-O shot eyeballs, you can opt to fill the cups with small candy eyes or go bigger with a gummy eyeball that will cover most of the gelatin's surface. Thankfully, there are a few recipes out there ranging from easy mode to extra fancy that you can use in your Halloween planning.

Use candy eyeballs, lychees, or even more Jell-O for this eerie effect

It's normal to find eyeball-shaped candies at bigger grocery chains during the spooky season, so if you find some and have eyeball Jell-O shots on the brain, you better grab some. But maybe you'd prefer to get a little extra with your design this year rather than simply plopping a few pre-made jellies in each shot. Conveniently, canned lychees look like eyeballs, even with a hole in the middle where the pupil goes. Use a red Jell-O flavor if you're going for a blood-colored effect, drain the lychees, place a blueberry in the center cavity of each one, and add some red food dye. The fruity, slightly floral taste of lychees is a great Jell-O shot addition, or you could skewer them and serve them on a macabre platter. Get weird with it and sprinkle some fake spiders everywhere for good measure.

If you're up for the challenge, you can create your Jell-O shot eyeballs with gelatin. For an extra luscious taste, mix your Jell-O with coconut milk instead of water, as Chef Genevieve LaMonaca did in her TikTok video. She uses Malibu coconut rum as her spirit of choice, letting the gelatin set in the freezer after mixing all the ingredients. Grab a small paint brush to paint on the iris and pupil with some food coloring, and you've made yourself some ominous-looking, edible eyeballs that will make your Jell-O shots taste more like a mini cocktail.