Popular Jell-O Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

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Jell-O is perhaps one of the most iconic snack and dessert foods of all time. For many, it's been a huge part of our childhood memories. While some of the happy consumers of the product are kids, there seem to be just as many adults who can't get enough of the jiggly goodness. It's clear that many people turn to Jell-O to feel a sense of nostalgia for their childhood, to suck down vodka-laced shots, to use it as an addition to legacy poke cake and pie recipes handed down from their grandmothers, and to bring the family together with the sensory play of Jell-O Jigglers (via KraftHeinz). 

No matter what your reason for loving this product is, you're sure to have your favorite flavor. And if you don't, this list just may help you find the perfect match. Surprisingly, Jell-O has dozens of flavors, both traditional and new. Some are made with sugar, some are sugar-free, and some flavors are brand collabs with other popular products on the market (like Kool-Aid, for example). We'll help you sort out which are worth the money, and which should stay on the store shelf.

25. Berry Blue

Jell-O Berry Blue is hard to miss if you're scanning the brand's in-store offerings. Its neon aqua coloring is sure to be a hit at even the most dazzling Frozen-themed birthday party. But color aside, this Jell-O has more negative views than other types of Jell-O and seems to be a crowd disappointment rather than a pleaser.

While the flavor icon of strawberries and blueberries suggests it tastes like fruit, it actually takes on more of a synthetic flavor profile that's overly sweet. It didn't taste anything like strawberry or blueberry. And while the label says "No Artificial Sweeteners," and "No High Fructose Corn Syrup," the actual sugar content is far too strong for many people's taste, according to reviewers on Influenster. One disappointed online reviewer even commented that it tasted too artificial. And forget about sensory play with the jiggly confection. If this gelatin touches anything, it leaves a blue dye stain behind.

24. Kool-Aid Gels Cherry

Jell-O cups are one of the most iconic childhood snacks for many people When Jell-O and Kool-Aid decided to do a collab, it was a pretty exciting time. How could you go wrong with combining one of the most popular snack foods and one of the most popular drinks on the market? Well, we figured out the answer to that. Unfortunately, this product didn't hit high marks with consumers and the jiggly manufacturers have a big old flop on their hands here.

Several customers on Amazon complained that this product didn't hold up at room temperature and began to melt and get soupy. Unfortunately, that didn't work out so well for those who wanted to take their Jell-O cups on the go, which is kind of the whole point of the product design. For some customers, the product didn't even gel in the refrigerator, leaving them disappointed with a liquidy mess upon opening. Some said the flavor was good, however, so at least there's that.

23. Jell-O Sours Watermelon

Jell-O Sours Watermelon flavor sounds like you'd be eating a delicious watermelon Jolly Rancher in Jell-O form. But unfortunately, this product seemed to miss the mark here. One Amazon customer felt this product didn't have the distinct watermelon and sour flavor profiles they were hoping for. When eating sour desserts, it's imperative to get the sour and sweet combination just right. But a couple of customers said it wasn't sour enough (via Amazon). As for watermelon flavor, you may have a hard time tasting any in these cups.

One positive note was that it didn't leave a bad aftertaste as many artificially flavored sweets tend to do. But overall, it's hard to overlook the fact that Jell-O promised watermelon and couldn't deliver. Unfortunately, this product is one of the most disappointing that Jell-O has to offer and you will find many other Jell-O products that are more satisfying.

22. Mango

What could possibly go wrong with mango-flavored Jell-O? While some customers were satisfied, many weren't impressed. With this dessert, you may be left wishing that the mango flavoring was more pronounced and less bland. One unhappy customer gave the product 2 stars out of 5 saying, "Did not have any Mango flavor," and another said, "Wish it was more full flavored like the others," (via Amazon). Some customers wound up mixing this flavor with pineapple in order to get the tropical essence they really wanted. Others doctored it up with cut-up fruit like oranges and bananas.

At the end of the day, this Jell-O couldn't please most as a stand-alone dessert and that's why we had to rank it lower on our list. It's clear that Jell-O customers expect a certain intensity of flavor with their gelatin desserts and the ones that can't deliver won't get repeat customers. Not to worry though. There are many other flavors to choose from!

21. Sugar-Free Peach

Peach sounds like the perfect summertime treat. And since it's sugar-free, it's light and less guilt-inducing than regular sugar versions of the gelatin. Unfortunately, this flavor was a bit of a disappointment for some who love other flavors of Jell-O and wanted to love this one, but it just fell short. One customer wrote, "Overly-sweet, licorice taste of artificial sweetener — and leaves the tip of my tongue numb" (via Amazon). Not exactly high praise for this peachy pack of gelatin.

Also, some of the peachy goodness you're hoping for in this cup may seem like it's missing. One customer said, "Can't taste the peach. Thought maybe it was just me so I had my husband and daughter try it. They said the same thing. It just tastes like sweet gelatin," (via Amazon). For the artificial sweetener aftertaste and the lack of peach flavor, we have to take a pass on sugar-free peach.

20. Sugar-Free Black Cherry

Sugar free black cherry Jell-O promises to be a sweet and light treat with zero sugar and only 10 calories per serving. It has a deep red color profile that comes from red and blue food coloring. While it looks pretty and has no sugar and few calories, is it able to deliver on flavor?

Unfortunately for some, this wasn't their dessert of choice. One unhappy Amazon customer summed up his experience by saying, "Had a noticeable "chemical" aroma when boiling water was introduced. the resultant flavor was slightly different and the color slightly darker. After several days of consumption, I noticed a soreness developing in my mouth (chemical burn?) which cleared up when I stopped eating the product. " And he wasn't the only customer to suggest the flavor tasted strange. Another customer said, "Usually I like Jello products, this flavor was difficult to eat," via Amazon. Since you may have a hard time getting past the strong taste, we had to rank this flavor as one of our least favorite of the Jell-O brand products.

19. Tropical Punch Kool Aid Gel

While Kool-Aid is a wildly popular beverage, this Jell-O didn't seem to deliver on the gelatin goodness many expected. In fact, it had a strange consistency and flavor some customers just couldn't get past. Some noted that the texture was too watery and not reminiscent of the firm gelatin they were used to. One Amazon customer commented, "Never jelled was like water!" Another reviewer said, "It was unedible. It came in as liquid instead of gel and had to be discarded" (via Amazon).

While many adults may have had trouble adjusting their tastebuds to the sugar content, it seemed to be a bigger hit for kids. Some online reviewers were parents or grandparents who said their kids and grandkids were bigger fans than they were. Fortunately, these packs come pre-portioned so it is in fact easy to pop into lunchboxes and take on a picnic. Just be sure to give them plenty of refrigeration time as it seems they can have a tendency to melt quickly in any kind of heat.

18. Simply Good Strawberry

Simply Good Strawberry is the brand's take on a healthier, more natural version of traditional Jell-O. The label states it's made without any artificial dyes or preservatives and is flavored with real strawberry juice. Interestingly, it appears from the ingredient list that the soft ruby color comes from a blend of vegetable juice and turmeric. For customers who have been hoping for a more natural version of Jell-O that isn't overly processed and chemical-laden, it's been a dream come true. One happy mom commented, "Several members of our family are very allergic to red food coloring. We have missed strawberry Jell-O and we were so excited when we discovered Jell-O Simply Strawberry. It tastes and feels exactly like the regular Jell-O" (via Walmart).

While this product was a win for some, others didn't love this product so much. Unfortunately, you may run into trouble with the way this Jell-O gels, or rather, doesn't gel enough. It seemed that some couldn't commit to the natural version for these reasons and would be going back to the original strawberry flavor.

17. Jell-O Sours Blue Raspberry

Sour blue raspberry is a hugely popular candy flavor and now Jell-O has made their version of gelatin using the tart flavor profile as well. The product description states that you should taste "juicy blue raspberry" when you take a bite of this Jell-O. And while blue raspberries aren't actually found in nature, the nutrition label states the gelatin is made with real fruit juice, no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no preservatives, according to Amazon. It also comes in handy to-go cups that are perfect for a packed lunch or picnic. So how did this Jello product land with consumers?

One customer summed up his thoughts in one word: "NASTY," (via Amazon). Another Amazon reviewer stated, "it's good but a little too sour," but they still gave the product a five-star review. Most customers were happy, as the flavor has a 4.6 overall rating. It seems like many agree with one taster who said "best flavor in lollipops and same here for jello," (via Amazon). However, since at least one customer thought this product was gross, you may just have to try it for yourself to see if it's worth it.

16. Raspberry

Raspberry Jell-O is a gorgeous jewel-toned gelatin sold in a bright pink box. While this may be one of the prettiest of the brand's offerings, it wasn't the biggest win with customers. When it came down to flavor, many thought the flavor was overly sweet. One Amazon reviewer stated simply, "Too sweet."

And that wasn't the only knock on the taste. Other common negative feedback had to do with the lackluster taste and high prices. "It's too small for the price ... flavour is not strong. Very expensive ... not worth at all" (via Amazon). Another customer wanted the sweet notes to be dialed way down, "This product was ok. The flavour was too sweet and artificial for me but others with a stronger sweet tooth might like it," they said on Influenster. Further, several remarked they were unsatisfied with the firmness and left comments such as "Not as flavorful as expected. Did not hold shape well" and "Personally I prefer a bit of a stiffer jelly," according to Amazon.

15. Sugar-Free Lime

Sugar-Free Lime Jell-O is a bright green gelatin with 10 calories per serving. This is a versatile flavor that you can use in a lot of recipes, but the Jell-O on its own has mixed reviews. While some love the nostalgia of this long-standing flavor, others can't seem to stomach it.

One unhappy Walmart customer said, "Sugarpfree flavors are always a bit strange but especially with this Jell-O. The lemon-lime flavor could definitely be more pronounced. Tastes more artificial than normal Jell-O flavors." And that wasn't the only miss on taste. Another said, "I'm sorry to say that this jello was disgusting. I love lemon lime so much but this was just a disappointment. I've had other sugar-free Jell-O products, so I know it's not just that. There's something very off about the taste of it. I will not be buying again and I do not recommend it." While many customers loved that it was sugar-free and low-calorie, for some, it may not be worth buying it based on the disappointing flavor. However, if keto key lime pie is your thing, you may have just discovered the key ingredient to this delectable dessert.

14. Grape

Grape Jell-O is next on our list and has amassed some loyal followers over the years. For some online reviewers, this flavor is the definition of nostalgia and childhood joy. Some claim they'll never buy another Jell-O flavor ever again and they're loyally committed (via Amazon). Many have stated it's the best flavor for adult parties and one Amazon reviewer backed it by saying, "Made with vodka and Chambord, these Jell-O shots were a great hit with everyone that was at the tailgate." Other positive reviewers left comments about their favorite childhood memories of making special cakes and desserts with this Jell-O flavor. In that sense, this flavor has stood the test of time for many.

While there were a good number of positive reviews on Influenster, there were a couple of disappointed tasters. One customer said, "I would improve the aftertaste of it has somewhat about chalky taste." Another stated, "If you like to have the flavour more strong, I would suggest you to get 2 or more packs and add less water." It's good to know you can get ultra-creative in the kitchen with this flavor, but it seems like the taste of this on its own might be a little bit lacking.

13. Lemon

Lemon Jell-O looks like sunshine in a bowl. And it's clear this flavor isn't just skating by on its looks. There are a huge number of loyal fans who love the fresh and sweet lemony flavor, reminiscent of a refreshing glass of lemonade. And some are getting creative with their jiggly mixes. One online reviewer added brewed tea instead of boiling water before setting it in the fridge to gel (via Amazon). Did someone say Arnold Palmer Jell-O? And she's not the only one. Many customers love the ability to be creative with recipes just as much as they love eating this flavor plain.

However, while most loved the simple goodness of this flavor, others weren't so impressed. One customer on Influenster said, "The Jell-O Lemon was a disappointment. I wish it was a little more sweet and I could only taste watered-down lemon juice. The lemon flavor is simply not there and I think they need to improve this product. I will not be purchasing this Jell-O flavor in the future." 

12. Lime

Lime Jell-O is another classic flavor offered by the brand. While it seemed to get higher marks than its sugar-free sibling, some customers didn't love the taste. Many of those who posted on Amazon's product review page claimed the gelatin tasted more like medicine than dessert. Others thought it simply tasted too synthetic, gross, or wouldn't gel properly.

However, for every bad review written, there were 15 good ones to counter it. Some flavor loyalists loved the vibrant color and how the flavor easily masked the taste of liquor when making their favorite alcohol-spiked gelatin. Others loved the lightness and freshness and how festively colorful it was for holidays like Christmas and St. Patty's Day. One Walmart reviewer even said it helps when her kiddo is feeling under the weather: "This is my son's favorite jello flavor for me to make for him. When he is sick I keep this in stock at my house to make for him and it allows him to stay hydrated." Although it wasn't a total win, we love that there are so many ways to use this product — from livening up festivities to soothing a troubled tummy.

11. Black Cherry

Sugar-free black cherry might have been a no-go for many Jell-O fans, but luckily, the regular sugar version is a vast improvement. Many of the happy customers who loved this product said it was a family favorite, great for mixing with other desserts like ice cream, and perfect for sick days. Speaking of sick days, for some, this did tend to take on a medicinal quality or a cherry flavor that was just too strong for a couple of reviewers. This Walmart customer summed it up by saying, "I feel like it has a medicine taste to it and because of that it made it hard to enjoy." For others, the black cherry flavor was just too strong and required more water to be mixed in during the cooking process in order to make it more enjoyable.

But for most, this wasn't the case. One pleased Ralph's customer gave the product five out of five stars saying, "Oh how I love Jell-O. This cherry flavor is very bright tasting, I wouldn't say like natural cherries however it resembles the flavor."

10. Sugar-Free Lemon

It's almost hard to believe that Sugar-Free Lemon Jell-O could rank higher than the regular sugar version, but indeed it did. This might be due to the fact that it has the same lemony freshness and tartness as the regular version without the high sugar content. Surprisingly, it didn't have an overly artificial flavor or the weird aftertaste that can happen with artificial sweeteners. Some thought it tasted just like their favorite lemon candy and it was a must-have for taming those intense sweet cravings. One creative customer discovered it's the perfect addition for their lemon chicken (via Walmart).

Some customers were miffed about the prices being much higher than comparable generic versions or competing brands that essentially tasted the same. However, this seemed to be the only major complaint echoing through the product reviews pages. For this reason, we found this flavor was a competitive contender against other Jell-O flavors.

9. Watermelon

If fresh watermelon is hard to come by or not in season, you may consider reaching for a box of Watermelon Jell-O instead. Or, even if you can find fresh watermelon, maybe you'll want to add it straight to your gelatin like so many others do. One loyal Amazon customer wrote in an online review, "I make a double recipe by boiling the water to dissolve the gelatin, then I add puréed fresh watermelon, or a watermelon fruit juice."

Sadly, like many of the other niche Jell-O products, this one is hard to find in stores. "This is like trying to find a needle in a haystack at grocery stores so when I saw this on Amazon I had to have it ... My first bite into the Jell-O I was thrown back 15 years to memories of hot summers as a kid" (via Amazon). While the flavor sounded on-point for many customers looking for a summertime snack that can rival fresh fruit on lightness, flavor, and freshness, many didn't love the cost and lack of availability. All in all, if you can manage to find this Jell-O treat in stores, you may want to give it a shot.

8. Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana Jell-O is a ruby jewel-toned gelatin that looks almost as pretty as it sounds. Strawberry and banana is a classic combination, and this Jell-O does a pretty good job at delivering the taste you expect. This variety has some major high points including its delicious, sweet flavor that doesn't taste overly synthetic or artificial. The strawberry notes are right on point. Because this flavor can be eaten on its own or paired with other delicious recipes, like poke cake, strawberry shortcake, and even to thicken fruit smoothies, we ranked it higher on our list.

However, one of the major downsides of this flavor that some Amazon customers note is its lack of availability. It's not widely available in many grocery stores and can be hard for customers to find. Unfortunately, those who had to buy this product online were disappointed by the price. If you have to buy online, be sure to check quantity and box sizes so you're not unpleasantly surprised by what comes in the mail.

7. Apricot

Fresh apricots may not be in season all year round, but Apricot Jell-O sure is. In fact, online reviewers raved that it tasted just like fresh apricot. Fans of the product thought it was the perfect, light snack on a summer day. Others commented that it was great for sick days and when your tummy's feeling unsettled. Some got creative and made Jell-O cookies or added it to their fruit salads. While it was the perfect amount of sweetness, it didn't have a lingering, sugary aftertaste, which was a major plus for this particular Jell-O flavor (via Walmart).

While some thought the gelatin tasted like real fruit, others didn't enjoy the apricot flavor as much. One unhappy Walmart customer gave the product one out of five stars saying, "Didn't like the taste and I love apricots." A few others agreed with this claim, saying it was just too artificial tasting and far from being fresh and light. However, there were far fewer negative reviews than positive ones, suggesting this is a safe bet if you're looking for a new Jell-O flavor to try.

6. Cherry

Cherry is another one of those classic flavors that just reminds people of their childhoods. It's also a flavor you can get super creative with in the kitchen. Additionally, this flavor is good enough to be eaten as a stand-alone treat, as reported by Amazon customers.

High marks for this product included the bright and juicy flavor of the ruby red gelatin. In addition to the flavor, the smell seems to be another big hit. When mixing the gelatin with the hot water during the cooking process, it apparently makes the whole house smell like a Jolly Rancher. There were very few comments from people who disliked this variety of Jell-O, except for those who knocked the product due to its ultra-bright artificial food coloring, and one reviewer who complained that it was not kosher or halal. But these were few and far between, and most of the reviews of this product are raves.

5. Island Pineapple

Jell-O has certainly done it again in creating yet another flavor customers love to use in desserts. Is anyone up for pineapple upside-down cake? While many loyal customers stocked up on this flavor, others were left wondering if Jell-O had changed the formula. One Amazon customer beelined to the boards to share her experience, "I think they must have changed the formula. We were trying to make a family tradition from the '70s and it definitely didn't have the same taste." 

While this customer was trying to wrap her mind around the new flavor profile, others were confused as to why they couldn't find it in their local grocery store. Despite these occasional complaints, the overwhelming love for this flavor from other reviewers makes it rank high on our list. However, because it is hard to find in local markets, we couldn't give it the coveted number one spot on our list.

4. Peach

Peach Jell-O is another favored but hard-to-find flavor. However, some seem to be getting their hands on this delectable dessert and using it for more than just jigglers. This is a favored flavor for Jell-O shots and other alcoholic drinks. One reviewer on Influenster wrote, "if I have time, I'll make Jell-O shots. During summer those shots can be pretty refreshing!"

While the college crowd is flocking to the flavor for its perfect pairing with vodka, some moms are using it to gel their peach pie fillings (via Amazon). Another active woman said she loves to use it in her peach smoothies after her morning workout. The only negative point customers seemed to suggest was the difficulty in being able to find the product anywhere, even online. Fortunately, Amazon solved that problem and is a reliable place to buy this Jell-O flavor. If this is one of your favorites, be sure to stock up as many other customers tend to do.

3. Cranberry

Cranberry may not seem like it would amass a cult following, but in fact it does, particularly around the holidays. For many households, this flavor of gelatin is a necessity for making cranberry relish on Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you're not a big fan of regular cranberry sauce, this flavor of Jell-O just might win you over (via Amazon).

Due to the popularity, there are some stores that only carry the product on their shelves during the holiday season. While cranberry can suggest a slightly bitter flavor profile, this Jell-O is a nice balance between tangy and sweet. Customers say that Cranberry Jell-O works well for Jell-O shots as well. Because this flavor is such a holiday hit and a staple for many people's Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, we had to rank it high on our list. But because it seems to be only seasonally available, we couldn't give it first place.

2. Sugar-Free Strawberry

The second-place contender on our list is Sugar-Free Strawberry Jell-O. It may come as a bit of a surprise that second place went to a sugar-free version of the gelatin, but there are many reasons to love this product. For one thing, this flavor is incredibly easy to find in most grocery stores. There doesn't seem to be a lack of availability, which for many has been a challenge with other flavors. Secondly, the strawberry flavor itself is juicy, sweet, and not too mild. One reviewer on Influenster wrote, "Ok seriously it tastes better than the actual original Jell-O I swear like I really enjoy it more I recommend it just because the taste is the same and it's overall better for you."

And this customer wasn't the only one. Others suggested they couldn't tell the difference between this version and the regular sugar version (via Target). They love that they can eat this product guilt-free and that it reminds them of childhood. For those who simply can't have sugar in their diets, this product has been the perfect treat and snack. However, for some, the sugar-free version wasn't quite as good as the regular version because it had a bit of a sugar-free aftertaste. For all these reasons, we've placed Sugar-Free Strawberry Jell-O in our number two spot.

1. Strawberry

Since the sugar-free version ranked so highly, it may be little surprise that the number one spot goes to the regular version of Strawberry Jell-O with sugar in it. While strawberry flavoring has made appearances on our list in other forms, such as Simply Strawberry and Strawberry Banana, none of these other flavors come close to the rave reviews regular Strawberry gets.

This product seems to hit all the high marks. It's perfect for adding to recipes, a great flavor for the classic Jell-O shot, and a nostalgic food that brings people back to their childhoods. It's also perfect for any season, easy to find, and affordable (via Amazon). There's truly nothing bad to say about this flavor, and you'd be hard-pressed to find negative reviews on the internet. For so many, this flavor brings them joy and is something the whole family loves. Next time you're in the store, you may want to stock up on a few packages yourself.