Max The Meat Guy's Number One Tip For The Best Burger - Exclusive

Max Greb, aka Max the Meat Guy, is known across social media for cooking up all things that would make any self-described carnivore's mouth water — think oversized cuts of meat and niche items that you won't be able to find in your average supermarket. But beyond just showing you how to cook the world's biggest ribs or how to turn brisket into bread (basically an all-meat version of challah bread), he also offers a lot of tricks and tips that may be a bit more applicable to the home cook on a daily basis.

When Mashed spoke to Greb in a recent interview on all things Labor Day grilling, he revealed his top tip for crafting the best burger, no matter where, when, or how you're cooking it. "If you are making burgers, my number one tip is to avoid seasoning too early," he said. "A lot of people like to season their burgers ahead of time and mix up the meat into a really dense patty, and that's going to lead to a dense, firm, and chewy texture. For me, it's all about ... forming the patties as gently as possible and seasoning [them] right before cooking."

Keep it simple

Burgers fit in well with Max Greb's grilling ethos overall, as he noted that he likes to "keep grilling simple in general." He said most home cooks tend to overcomplicate grilling, thinking they need the biggest grill and other fancy equipment that they likely don't need in order to make a great meal. But he also explained that just because you're keeping your grilling simple, that doesn't mean you have to hold yourself back.

While burgers and hot dogs are go-tos on the grill, especially for those still developing their grill skills, Greb said, "Don't let inexperience hold you back from experimenting." He recommended supplementing your burgers and dogs with a good steak, emphasizing buying a steak with some good marbling — but again, keeping things simple when it comes to the seasoning. "Season it simply, with coarse black pepper and flake salt. Grill Mates ... is my favorite seasoning when it comes to steak."

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