The Korean-Style Fast Food Chain That Turns Corn Dogs Into A Party

Chances are that once you've tried a Korean corn dog, aka gamja hot dog, it might be hard to enjoy some of the best corn dogs in the U.S. like you once did. The dish pairs a salty-sweet exterior with a savory filling of your choice, but the real fun starts when you choose which combinations of textures and condiments to add to the flavor party. Despite its name, Korean corn dogs don't actually contain cornmeal like those normally found at American county fairs. Instead, a yeasted batter is used and the dog is served on a skewer rather than cradled in a bun. Korean-style corn dogs are batter-fried until golden and then coated with crunchy panko breadcrumbs. Other textures like dried ramen noodles, rice cakes, and even cubed fries can be layered onto this portable snack too. 

In 2019, Two Hands Corndogs chose to take advantage of the street food's popularity by setting up shop in the U.S., spotlighting the gamja hot dog with a modern twist. Besides its customizable menu and list of toppings, Two Hands lets customers skip the sausage altogether if they want. Choose from a variety of fillings like regular beef sausage, half hot dog half cheddar cheese, or even a cheesy mozzarella center. The best part is that you won't have to dig out your passport to get a taste of this Korean dish.

Two Hands Corndogs offers both classic and creative toppings

After appearing in Los Angeles' diverse culinary scene, Two Hands became such a hit that the company chose to share its love of Korean corn dogs with the rest of America. Now a growing fast-food chain, it has over 40 locations across the country and counting. Some reviewers have praised its batter for being far less greasy than American corn dogs with just the right amount of sweetness. Korean-style corn dogs offer an array of creative possibilities, whether you order one with a meat center or mix it up with a cheesy filling.  

One of the chain's fan-favorite menu items is the Two Hands Dog, topped with its own signature sweet ranch. The Injeolmi Corn Dog, named after the rice cakes used to make it, is a great choice for snackers who want to sample more Korean-inspired flavors. It's coated in soybean powder and features condensed milk as its star condiment. You could choose something tame like the American Classic Dog with ketchup and mustard, or get weird and order the Spicy Dog, which is enveloped with a tongue-tingling layer of hot Cheeto powder. Two Hands also has a special "dirty sauce" that combines creamy mayo and sriracha, which is drizzled over the Potato Dog and a zesty tater tot side dish. Other snacks like elote and kimchi seasoned fries are on the menu, but it's the unique gamja dog flavor combinations that keep the lines long at Two Hands.