Snapping A Banana In Half Isn't An Effective 'Peeling' Method

Bananas are fruit with nature's wrapping paper. Their peel is the perfect eco-friendly snack bag, making them one of the best on-the-go fruits for snacking and travel. However, a new 'peeling' method that doesn't involve peeling bananas at all has been making the rounds. A viral TikTok hack shows how if you snap a banana in half, you can eat the halves from the middle by pushing the banana out from the ends. However, is this no-peel method as mess-free and reliable as the TikTok video demonstrates?

With one snap, the creator broke the banana in half. It looks easy. However, one scan through the TikTok's comment section shows that people have a lot of doubt. Many users point out how the banana that the original creator used seemed a bit on the green side. Does this mean the hack only works on a slightly unripe banana? Another commenter, @aha_blahnana, shares that upon trying it for themselves, the snap resulted in "immediately mushing a banana into paste in my fists." It makes sense that a soft and ripe banana would not be compatible with this hack. Whether you decide to try this method on a ripe or unripe banana, either way, it seems like the snapping method results in a banana you might not want to eat.

The better way to peel a banana

Now that we know the snapping method isn't exactly effective, it's time to return to peeling. Peeling is reliable, easy, and most people do it. However, most people don't know that they have probably been peeling bananas wrong. The most effective peeling method doesn't have anything to do with how many strips of peel you create, or how you snap off the stem — it has to do with which side of the banana you start at.


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Most banana-eaters, including yourself, likely start with the stem part of the banana. This seems most obvious as it's the banana's top. However, if you peel it like this and find that it occasionally can be hard to do or you mush the top of the banana, try starting from the bottom. The banana's two ends are referred to as the stem and blossom end, and the blossom end is where we all should be starting. Hold the banana by the stem end and pinch the blossom end with your fingers. It will easily split open and from there you can peel it. This method is counter-intuitive, but you won't be able to stop once you try it!