Lori Greiner Launches New Cooking Product With Souper Cubes Partners - Exclusive

In each new season of "Shark Tank," viewers watch as hopeful entrepreneurs line up to pitch their products to the "sharks," business-savvy judges who invest their own time, expertise, and money into helping these entrepreneurs succeed. At Mashed, we've watched quite a few food, beverage, and cooking-related products pass through the "Shark Tank" doors, to varying degrees of success.

In a 2021 episode, one entrepreneurial endeavor caught the eye of both sharks and foodie fans alike: Souper Cubes. The brand sells silicone trays that allow home cooks to easily freeze pre-portioned foods in a mess-free manner that you can't achieve when trying to freeze leftover liquids in freezer bags or glass containers that can crack or break when frozen.

"Souper Cubes was one of the best pitches I've seen. They had a great demo, great sales, knew their business inside and out, and were incredibly likeable," said Lori Greiner in an exclusive Mashed interview. Greiner would go on to invest $400,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in the company.

She explained, "I gave Souper Cubes a deal because they were extremely impressive people and entrepreneurs. They had a unique and clever product and a good track record of success. I knew that they would be great partners, great to work with, and successful."

However, since 2021, Greiner and Souper Cubes founders Jake and Michelle Sendowski's relationship has evolved — and now, Greiner has collaborated with them to launch her own invention under the Souper Cubes brand.

A no-mess solution for stirring and serving

This year, Souper Cubes launched a new product into their line that was created and patented by Greiner, the No Mess Utensil Set, which provides a simple solution to a problem that all home cooks have likely struggled with: ladles and spoons creating giant messes on your countertops as you move them from pan or pot to spoon rest, or, if you try to precariously balance your utensil on the side of the pot, losing the utensil to the depths of whatever you're cooking.

Greiner's utensils incorporate a unique design, with each ladle and spoon featuring an S-bend in the utensil's neck. The bend allows the stainless-steel utensil to hang onto the side of the pot or pan, so it stays submerged in whatever you're cooking without falling either into the pot or pan or on the countertop. It's literally a no-mess solution to stirring and serving.

"Our relationship has changed in that I've gotten to know [Jake and Michelle Sendowski] and now can also call them friends," said Greiner of the collaboration with Souper Cubes. "I'm proud to have them as partners and look forward to our journey together. I'm excited about the new integration we've done, where they took one of my patented items 'The No Mess Utensils' and integrated it into the Souper Cubes line."

The No Mess Utensil Set starts at $29.95 and can be purchased on the Souper Cubes website.