Pizza On A Stick Makes Your Favorite Handheld Food Even More Portable

Pizza is a staple of American takeaway, and its portable nature makes it an ideal option for nearly any meal. Whether you're working with a freshly made or frozen pie, pizza can be consumed standing around, while in the car, or even walking outside. Of course, just because pizza is easy to eat on the go doesn't mean doing so isn't messy. Fortunately, there's a solution for that problem: skewering pizza on a stick. While this hack won't work for every slice, specific shapes and styles lend themselves to this trend. It certainly makes pizza more mobile — and easier to dip in extra marinara sauce or ranch dressing.

When assembling pizza on a stick, the process can be as simple or complicated as you make it. Some of the best frozen pizzas available in big-name grocery stores make it possible to buy smaller, thicker slices and turn them into a portable treat, which is a quick and easy method. The only steps required are purchasing the pizza, cooking it as directed, and spearing it on the end of a popsicle or kabob stick. It'll taste like the store-bought brand you love, with the bonus of a fun, portable design.

If homemade pies have more appeal, you should know it's also possible to make this treat from scratch. Depending on your recipe, it can taste cheesy, saucy, dough-heavy, or all of the above. The flavor depends on how you approach the pie. The stick adds convenience and a new aesthetic.

How to make pizza on a stick at home

When attempting to make pizza on a stick at home, you'll need pizza dough, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, and the toppings of your choice. If your pizza is destined to be speared, then it's best to avoid oversaturating it with toppings, as they will make it more top-heavy and less likely to stay on the stick. Flatter fixings like pepperoni, peppers, and olives work best.

The most important part of making pizza on a stick is getting the dough right, as you don't want the slice to fall off. Some recipes recommend cutting it into thin strips, then skewering one end and wrapping the dough around the stick in a spiral. Tomatoes and other toppings can be added between twists, making the outcome more like a kabob. While this shape doesn't lend itself to being as cheesy or saucy as a typical slice, you can melt cheese on top or skewer it on the kabob. Meanwhile, marinara sauce can be served on the side for dipping.

Another alternative is to cut your dough into thick, small shapes that are short or thin enough to stay in place. These slices can be made using any standard homemade pizza recipe before baking in the oven. Once the crust is golden and crispy, take your pizza out to cool, plunge in the stick, and dig in.

Where to find pizza on a stick

While there are some places you can find pizza on a stick, for the moment, it has mostly been relegated to a social media trend. However, you'll occasionally find this handheld treat at state fairs, carnivals, and festivals. Portable eats are must-haves for such celebrations, and vendors will sometimes sell pizza on a stick alongside other skewered foods like corndogs, street corn, and cotton candy.

Pizzerias and restaurants are less likely to offer this treat, as most people sit down and eat slices in-house. Likewise, pizza is already portable, so such an item may not be in high demand. If you're hunting for pizza on a stick, the easiest way to attain it is to make it yourself. It adds extra convenience for anyone who eats lunch or dinner on the go and makes a fun party option for kids and adults alike.