Using Chocolate Milk To Make Mashed Potatoes Is Always A Mistake

When it comes to your rotation of side dishes, mashed potatoes are a must. They're creamy, satiating, versatile, and one of the all-time tastiest ways to prepare potatoes — what's not to love? Although mashed potatoes are a beloved dish, you're doomed if you don't have milk. Okay, maybe not doomed. There are plenty of ways to solve this problem, but whatever you do, never use chocolate milk in place of regular milk for your mashed potatoes, as one person did. A hopeful foodie on Reddit went viral for sharing their dinner platter, complete with a side of chocolate milk mashed potatoes. The top comment on the thread perfectly sums up our stance: "No. You can't do that."

Thanks to its sweet, decadent flavor profile, chocolate milk is a delicious beverage, but disaster ensues when paired with mashed potatoes' savory, starchy qualities. Mashed potatoes are complemented by umami-rich ingredients, bright herbs, and aromatics that round out hearty entrées like steak or grilled vegetables. Adding elements like chocolate and sugar instead of plain, velvety milk compromises the subtleties of a great batch of mashed potatoes. 

Chocolate milk destroys its delicate, rich flavor and also looks downright repulsive. When using regular, old-fashioned milk, mashed potatoes look like a fluffy cloud that begs to be drizzled with a peppery gravy. Conversely, when made with chocolate milk, mashed potatoes bear a stronger resemblance to what comes out of your dog's rear end.

The best milk substitutes for mashed potatoes

Milk helps smooth out mashed potatoes for a silky, lump-free texture while giving them a rich taste that pairs well with the earthy, gritty quality of whole potatoes. But if you ever find yourself short on milk, plenty of alternatives won't ruin your mashed potatoes like chocolate milk will. For starters, non-dairy milk is the perfect substitute for regular milk when whipping up a batch of mashed potatoes. Plant-based alternatives like cashew or oat milk impart the same fatty, milky essence that whole milk brings to mashed potatoes.

Another way to boost your mashed potatoes with a creamy twist is to use some extra butter. Although it won't bring as much moisture to the batch as milk does, the butter will still give your favorite side dish a silky, soft texture. If you have vegetable or chicken broth on hand, combine it with the butter to impart extra moisture. Other alternatives for milk in mashed potato recipes include sour cream, Greek yogurt, or cream cheese. You might even consider saving a cup of starchy water as the potatoes boil and introducing it back into the pot once you begin mashing.

If you long to try chocolate milk in your mashed potatoes, we suggest using it in a batch of mashed sweet potatoes. Top this mash with vanilla Greek yogurt, coconut shavings, and a drizzle of honey for a proper potato-based dessert dish.