Costco Customers Are Struggling To Find Cherished Peanut Butter Pretzels

Considering the sheer variety of snacks available at Costco, there's more or less something out there for everyone. Some of those snacks have been labeled by fans as downright amazing, like the Kirkland Signature peanut butter pretzels. These little nuggets are so loved that some people think they should be illegal. "They never really seem appealing until they're right in front of me, but once I eat one, it's all over," one Redditor opined. Some have ceased purchasing the product because it's that easy to eat too many of them. "I legit can't stop, so won't buy them anymore," another Redditor shared.

It's clear that these little morsels have a sizable fanbase, so it's easy to imagine the collective heartbreak if they were to disappear forever. Rumor is, they already have. A netizen took to Reddit to share how their husband went to shop for the peanut butter pretzels at an unknown Costco location but was unable to buy them, because they had been allegedly recalled.

There is supposedly a quality issue with Costco's peanut butter pretzels

After the Redditor recounted their story, several others joined the conversation to share that they hadn't been able to get their hands on the product, either. "This explains why I have not found them in over a week," one Redditor commented. "Not available at my warehouse in Louisville, KY. Checked the snack aisles at least 3 times, now I know why!" another social media user chimed in.

Peanut Butter Pretzels Recalled?
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Some netizens who claim to work at Costco alleged that the peanut butter pretzels were on a "pull and hold" notice, which means the manufacturer recalled the product for some reason until further notice. Another staff member cited a quality issue. "We got a pull and hold notice at my Costco because the seals aren't holding on the jars, so they are showing up stale," they explained on the Reddit post.

All said, Costco likely hasn't officially recalled the product yet, since the product is not on the Costco recall page. Shoppers haven't officially been made aware of a quality issue, either. Meanwhile, some fans have filled the apparent nugget-shaped void in their lives with alternative products. "Had to buy a small tub from Kroger for the same price as the big tub from Costco," one commenter bemoaned on the so-called front page of the internet. H.K. Anderson, an Utz Inc. brand, appears to supply the peanut butter pretzels to Costco. So, the good news is that you can still buy them from the Utz website if they're not available at your local warehouse.