The Internet Keeps Reinventing Toaster Strudel Breakfast Sandwiches

Are you one of the many who daydreams about when you were a kid and a hot Toaster Strudel, just out of the toaster, was waiting for you at breakfast? Those were the good old days, but the internet keeps inventing new and creative ways for everyone — not just kids — to eat the classic toaster treat. One of the more unique ways to spice up your Toaster Strudel — and your breakfast — is by transforming the warm pastry into a breakfast sandwich.

The idea has been circulating on the internet for quite some time and is fairly simple — instead of using bread for your breakfast sandwich, use two hot and gooey Toaster Strudels. While some fans of the sandwich call off nay-sayers by likening the creation to a Monte Cristo sandwich with its inclusion of jelly or jam, the consistent inclusion of the frosting in this morning treat really sets it apart. You might think frosting has no place next to eggs, bacon, or sausage, but the Toaster Strudel breakfast sandwich recipes online virtually all include that drizzle of sugary frosting.

Endless flavor combinations to try

When it comes to the Toaster Strudel breakfast sandwich, the fun really comes from deciding what flavors you want to include. There are so many Toaster Strudel varieties, including apple, cinnamon roll, various berry flavors, and even one that includes cream cheese, and with each flavor comes the opportunity to create a new mixture of flavors. Plus, you get to decide whether your sandwich will include breakfast meat and, if so, what kind. You may want to keep things seasonal with strawberry Toaster Strudels in the spring or summer and apple Toaster Strudels in the fall. Pillsbury even has their own recipe that uses their cinnamon roll flavor Toaster Strudels, sausage patties, and a runny egg to craft a sweet and savory delight that might even remind you of Christmas morning.


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In the comments of a viral TikTok video that showed off a Toaster Strudel breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese, some people just aren't about the sweet and savory combination. For those that are, however (which seems to be the majority of the comments), people are saying things like, "I'll take two" and "Baby I gotta try this." Several offer their own preferred combinations, including one who suggests blueberry while another suggests the apple flavor would reign supreme. Another TikTok video takes it to another level and prepares the sandwich with the strawberry and cream cheese Toaster Strudel. The possible combinations truly are endless.