KFC Is Testing Out A Smashed Potato Version Of Its Famous Bowls

Iconic chicken chain Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it will soon test all-new versions of its ever-popular Famous Bowls in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Smash'd Potato Bowl includes KFC's Secret Recipe Fries, mashed potatoes with cheese sauce, bacon bits, and a shredded cheese blend. The new Smash'd Potato Bowl can also be topped with fried chicken for a couple of dollars more. In addition to the new bowls, KFC included smaller versions to its kid's menu in March of this year.

The regular Smash'd Potato Bowl without chicken is priced at $3.49  and $5.49 with five chicken nuggets included. That's a reasonable price for hot comfort food in a bowl, and it is sure to be as filling as the other Famous Bowls on the menu. As with KFC's other Famous Bowls, the Smash'd Potato Bowl is a full meal that can be eaten at one time with a fork (and a napkin).

The popularity of Famous Bowls

Since its inception in 2006, theKFC Famous Bowl has grown in popularity because of the mash-up of comfort foods deliciously piled in a bowl and topped with cheese. This year alone, KFC has reintroduced Mac and Cheese Bowls and is planning to reintroduce the Nashville Hot Sauce for their nuggets, which are included in the Spicy Mac and Cheese Bowl. KFC is known for its marketing prowess, and releasing this bowl of comfort food during the fall is one example of this. Last year, the company introduced its $5.00 Bowl deal with holiday-themed bowls in time for Christmas.

KFC has its finger on the pulse of the consumer, which is why it releases and re-releases menu items often. One of the new menu items this year was the Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps, introduced with hopes of attracting younger consumers. If the new Famous Bowls sell as well as the other new menu items, this is sure to be a hit. So, if you're in the Pittsburgh area, you can treat yourself to the new Famous Bowl and judge for yourself.