The Real Reason KFC's Famous Bowl Is So Popular

Kentucky Fried Chicken — or as it is popularly known, KFC — has been a household name for many years. One of its most loved offerings is the Famous Bowl, a comforting dish of mixed ingredients that you simply cannot get enough of: sweet corn, mashed potatoes, and crispy chicken, topped with gravy and shredded cheeses (via the KFC website). It's considered a classic dish that has managed to win over tons of people with its sheer deliciousness and blend of flavors.

A Redditor wrote about how much they like the Famous Bowl. They kept it short and sweet. Their comment read, "The Famous Bowl, is the best thing about KFC's menu. I can no longer see the brand without it." Whew, that's an impressive review right there, eh? But what exactly makes this dish so special and popular among its loyal fans? We decided to investigate a little further. Here's what we found.

The KFC Famous Bowl's flavors somehow really work

An NPR piece examined the KFC Famous Bowl several years ago, back when it was first introduced to customers in 2006. For one, the dish offers a blend of many interesting flavors that take your tastebuds on a fun ride, especially if you're a fan of different types of cheese, gravy, corn, and mashed potatoes. It's a classic combination, really! A manager at KFC in New York said that the bowls were so popular, they were selling as many as 95 bowls every day. Wow.

As a Delish piece pointed out in early 2020, the bowl is truly filling and guaranteed to make you feel satisfied. At the time of that article, KFC fans got to enjoy a truly awesome deal: KFC bowls at just $3. Slurp! Who knows, maybe they'll bring back a similar sale in 2021.

Plus, there's no doubt that eating a KFC bowl requires you to be at last slightly adventurous and comfortable with new flavors. Dr. David Solot — who has a Ph. D. in organizational psychology and often spends time diving into food habits — explained what draws some folks to the bowl (via Businesswire). He said that fans of the dish are "more likely to enjoy trying new things, which suggests they are laid back and willing to go with the flow." Well, who wants a Famous Bowl this very second?