Is Dunkin' A Swiftie? Its National Coffee Day Bracelets Suggest Yes

Popstar Taylor Swift has all but taken over the world. Her current Eras Tour has a 44-song setlist comprised of songs from albums spanning her career. The general public is in love with the "All Too Well" singer, with her concert dates sold out and tickets selling for thousands on the resale market. As it turns out, Dunkin' may also be a fan of the star, as it's taking a page out of Swift's book to create specially designed bracelets.

For fans lucky enough to have landed tickets to the Eras Tour, it's common practice to bring and trade bracelets with other stans. To celebrate National Coffee Day, Dunkin' is partnering with Little Words Project to make its own bracelets, according to a press release sent to Mashed. Why does this matter? Because Little Words Day sells a special bracelet commemorating Swift's tour, reading "In My Era." On September 29, the company will be dropping four bracelets printed with "iced coffee," "eat the donut," "get sip done," and "Cafecito time" for a limited time. In addition, members of the Dunkin' Rewards app will also receive a free coffee with any purchase on September 29. These factors lead to a fun speculation that the coffee giant is a fan of the singer. 

Dunkin' has been associated with Taylor Swift in the past

To further drive the theory home, Dunkin' has been associated with Taylor Swift in the past. Before her June 2 concert at Chicago's Solider Field, Dunkin' teamed up with local radio station B96 to give away tickets to dedicated fans. To enter the competition, Swifties were required to visit a West Chicago Dunkin' location from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on May 31.

During the contest, Twitter user @ChronoKatie posted a photo showing the massive amount of people lined up outside the Dunkin' store. "I'm trying to win ... Taylor Swift tickets at this crazy Dunkin Donuts contest," the message reads. Commenters didn't seem surprised by the crowd, with one writing, "Winning Taylor Swift tickets [is] like winning a new car, so I'm rooting for ya." Interestingly, Taylor Swift once teamed up with Starbucks rather than Dunkin' for a collaboration.