The Fruity Liquor That Makes A Boozy Baja Blast-Tasting Cocktail At Home

Mountain Dew's Baja Blast is an iconic Taco Bell menu staple, and it has been since its exclusive release in 2004. The drink is traditionally only available at Taco Bell locations, but has been sold on a limited basis in other retail locations since 2014. It is even rumored to be permanently released sometime in 2024. But did you know that you can craft your own boozy version of Baja Blast at home with two simple ingredients?

One TikTok user wants to know if you're ready to get "Baja-blasted" with the mixed drink that claims to be an imitation of the classic Baja Blast flavors — with the addition of alcohol of course. SudsySam, as he's known on TikTok, tries a unique combination for a boozy Baja Blast cocktail: UV Blue Raspberry vodka and classic Mountain Dew. The UV vodka is neon blue, and when combined with the Mountain Dew the result is a bright green concoction.

Does it really taste like a Baja Blast?

Upon trying the cocktail, SudsySam remarks on how good it tastes, but ultimately reveals that it's just not "super Baja Blast-y." He does admit he may have added too much Mountain Dew and makes a reference to "the Powerade for Baja Blast" that may leave viewers confused. It's important to highlight that Powerade is not actually an ingredient in the Baja Blast you'd buy in a store or get from Taco Bell, but copycat recipes on the internet claim that the key to making the perfect at-home Baja Blast is to combine classic Mountain Dew and either blue Gatorade or Powerade.


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Others on the internet have also attempted to make their own versions of a boozy Baja Blast-flavored cocktail. They mix liquors like coconut rum, peach liqueur, and blue curaçao with their Mountain Dew to craft a vibrant blue drink that hits all of those tropical notes. Others go a simpler route, just combining vodka, Blue Gatorade or Powerade, lemon-lime soda, and Mountain Dew for an alcoholic version of the Baja Blast copycat recipe. Thankfully, you might not have to recreate a boozy Baja Blast at home if mixology isn't your strong suit – Mountain Dew released an official Hard Baja Blast with 5% alcohol that SudsySam also reviewed on his account.