Turn Your Cinnamon Rolls Into A Twist Loaf In One Simple Step

As delightfully scrumptious as cinnamon rolls are, they can be a little challenging to make, especially for a novice baker. Even if you are adept at working with yeasted dough, there is still the issue of long rise times, which can make the creation of a perfect cinnamon bun a little vexing for the eager eater. In a perfect world, making cinnamon rolls would be quicker, but they would still taste just as great. Believe it or not, this isn't some foodie fantasy. There is a way to make a simple cinnamon dessert from scratch that only takes one simple step.

To get a fabulous cinnamon treat with a little less effort, don't slice your rolled-up dough into pieces. Instead, cut it longways right down the middle. Don't cut it in half. Leave one end attached. Twist the dough from the back to the front. The tighter you twirl, the more twists you will get. The result will be a long swirled loaf of cinnamon dough that only needs about 20 minutes of rise time before baking. In other words, you can make this twisted cinnamon loaf in just about an hour.

What makes a cinnamon twist loaf so great?

A twisted cinnamon loaf reduces the potential for error, making it a little easier for the beginning baker to master. It can be made from scratch in less time than cinnamon rolls and still contains all the yummy ingredients. Less time, effort, and worry (about less-than-satisfying results) are not the only reasons why you should consider making a cinnamon loaf.

Once the loaf comes out of the oven, the real fun can begin. For instance, icing and glaze are often the go-to finishing moves for cinnamon rolls, but you could also get creative and drizzle your treat with caramel sauce. For additional texture, add nuts and fruits. For the more adventurous, try topping with maple syrup or brown butter.

Arguably, the most important reason for making a twisted roll is because it's more exciting to eat. The swirls and twirls add a little joy to the experience, making it look as good as it tastes.