Use Any Pie Filling You Want In Copycat Pop-Tarts

Few store-bought treats can beat homemade goodies. Whether you're hosting brunch or just want to show the kids how the sausage — or, in this case, the Pop-Tart — is made, Mashed recipe developer Molly Allen's copycat Pop-Tart recipe is sure to impress.

While Allen's homemade pie dough makes for a superbly buttery and flaky pastry, everyone knows the pièce de résistance of any pastry is the filling. The best part about making copycat Pop-Tarts at home is that they're totally customizable; Allen's copycat Pop-Tart recipe utilizes canned cherry pie filling, but if that doesn't tickle your fancy, there's no shortage of alternate options.

If you're aiming to recreate your favorite fruity Pop-Tart flavor, she suggests using canned strawberry or blueberry pie filling instead. If you're more of the s'mores or brown-sugar-and-cinnamon type, Allen recommends piling on a combination of marshmallow fluff and chocolate, or a spoonful of cinnamon mixed with brown sugar to get your perfect center.

You've got plenty of options

If you're rethinking eating your pantry's Pop-Tarts in favor of making your own, but you're not sure what flavor to choose, just look to the multitude of canned pie fillings available: Your pastries could be packed with everything from raspberry, blackberry, apple, or peach to more seasonal flavors like lemon, pumpkin, cranberry, or rhubarb. In lieu of pie filling, jams and preserves will also fit the bill.

"This recipe is versatile enough to adapt to any flavor option you could possibly dream of," Allen says. If you can't find the exact filling you're dreaming of at your local grocery store, you can even try making your own.

Even the icing can be tailored to your preferences. While Allen's recipe uses powdered sugar, milk, a touch of vanilla extract, and red food coloring to create a sweet, pink icing that perfectly suits her cherry-filled pastries, she says the icing's color and flavor can be changed to perfectly match your filling of choice. While a hint of almond extract can elevate the flavors of cherry and lemon pastries, a smattering of lemon zest in the icing pairs well with raspberry-filled treats. For a mesmerizing mocha icing that works well with rich flavors like chocolate, marshmallow, and cinnamon, you might try adding a sprinkle of cocoa powder and a splash of coffee to the mix.