Fill Your Cookie Skillet With Nutella For A Sweet Surprise

Sweet skillets are perfect for fall dessert boards and holiday gatherings — you just can't go wrong with a pan full of cookie goodness. Whether it's a classic like chocolate chip or a more unique flavor like apple butterscotch, a cookie skillet makes an ideal warm and gooey dessert for any get-together. While cookie skillets already put a spin on a classic treat, there are ways to customize them even further. Arguably the most delicious way is to fill them, and Nutella is the clear winner.

Just like the cakes and pies they resemble, cookie skillets can be given a tasty center between their layers of warm, freshly baked cookie. The viral cookie dough hack of placing a sweet spread between layers of cookie dough has been done before with ingredients like caramel sauce and peanut butter, but Nutella's hazelnut flavor will add a unique, nutty taste to any cookie skillet. The super popular chocolate hazelnut spread pairs particularly well with chocolate chip, but it can complement sugar or Snickerdoodle cookies just as well. Adding Nutella to the middle of a cookie skillet ramps up both the sweetness and the sought-after gooey factor, offering a pleasant surprise for anyone digging in. 

How to elevate your cookie skillet with Nutella

Adding Nutella to a cookie skillet is fairly straightforward — just add a layer of the chocolate hazelnut spread between two layers of your favorite cookie dough. Storebought cookie dough makes quick work of this, as it comes ready to bake and the dough also tends to be more firm and easier to shape. Of course, you can utilize cookie dough you've made from scratch as well. Whichever you use, it should bake around the Nutella, creating a luscious deep-dish cookie that can be elevated even further with the right toppings.

If you're pandering to Nutella lovers, drizzling more of the spread on top of your cookie skillet is an obvious way to play up the chocolate hazelnut flavor. Adding ice cream can turn your Nutella cookie skillet into the kind of dessert you'd find at a restaurant, though this topping doesn't work as well for those displaying their skillet on a dessert board or table. Instead, extra chocolate chips or toppings like nuts and berries can add texture and a variety of flavors, without the mess. No matter the toppings on your Nutella cookie skillet, the real selling point comes from the pleasant shock of delicious chocolate hazelnut spread when you bite in.