Can You Make Easy Mac Without A Microwave?

Think a microwave is required to make Easy Mac? Think again. You might not have considered making Easy Mac without access to a microwave but there may come a day when resources are scarce. If you're well-stocked on Easy Mac due to receiving one of these Kraft College Care Packs but find yourself microwave-less, there's no need to panic.

While the point of Easy Mac is that it can be made in the microwave and is therefore "easier" to make than standard mac n' cheese, you can make Easy Mac in a pot on a stovetop. You can cook the pasta from a package of Easy Mac using boiling water just like any other pasta. Since Easy Mac requires about half the amount of time to cook compared to standard Kraft Mac & Cheese, be sure to check on your noodles as they boil. Once you've cooked the noodles on your stovetop, add the cheese packet and enjoy as you normally would. If you want to spice up your Easy Mac a little bit, you can always add some extra cheese, spices like red pepper flakes, or even a protein like chicken.

Other Easy Mac hacks for when the microwave is out

What if you're really in a bind with no microwave or stove but still want to indulge in Easy Mac? Reddit user tweeicle was in this predicament — all they had was a coffee maker and a toaster oven. Fortunately, that coffee maker could work in a pinch for making Easy Mac without a microwave. The top reply to tweeicle's post explains that all you need to do is empty the noodles into the coffee pot. While you should never brew coffee with tap water, tap water is fine for cooking noodles. Eventually, you should get cooked pasta that you just need to add the cheese packet to.

You might be understandably hesitant to trust strangers on Reddit and wondering if these disaster-mode hacks really work. Chris James tried the coffee pot trick out on YouTube using standard boxed Kraft Mac & Cheese (not Easy Mac) with interesting results. In the video, James put the pasta in the pot of a coffee maker and then poured water and the cheese powder into the basin — where coffee grounds usually would go. The attempt quickly went sideways. Instead of making cheesy and delicious mac and cheese, James produced clumpy and stuck-together pasta submerged in orange water. While that potential hack was a failure, a user in the comments suggested making the pasta first by letting it cook in the pot for around 30 minutes and then adding the cheese powder later.