Out Of Room In The Oven? No-Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake Can Replace Pie

No-bake cheesecake seems to be having a major moment right now, with many home cooks giving the simple recipe the "old college try" as a means to learn to craft baked goods without the hassle and stress of actually baking. One such recipe for no-bake pumpkin cheesecake bars seems to be making waves across TikTok for its ability to convert pumpkin spice haters into festive Fall fanatics. According to the TikTok video in question, the bars contain just the right amount of pumpkin, and don't overwhelm the senses with too much aromatic spice.

Furthermore, this recipe seems to be incredibly helpful for events such as Thanksgiving, where the oven will almost certainly be occupied for the entire day, handling the turkey and any other staples of the holiday feast. As a result, this cheesecake seems like the perfect dessert to make the night before a big dinner gathering, given that you won't need to force your way into the oven in order to prepare it properly.

In addition to serving as a convenient way to whip up a dessert for a big gathering, the serving method of cutting the cheesecake into bar-shaped slices instead of the traditional triangular slices allows you to exercise greater control over portions, and make more servings per batch for big events. As mentioned in the TikTok, this recipe works with both a traditional graham cracker crust, as well as an Oreo-flavored alternative.

What is the difference between a standard cheesecake and a no-bake version?

The key difference between a traditional cheesecake and a no-bake alternative generally focuses on the presence (or absence) of eggs. Standard cheesecake recipes often call for the use of eggs in their batter, whereas no-bake recipes opt to let the dessert set by a brief stay in the refrigerator or freezer. Though the two methods result in cheesecakes with different textures, the difference in taste and flavor of each method are largely negligible. This is to say that it's a safe bet that fans of cheesecake in general will likely love the no-bake method just as they love the original style.

If you're into the idea of crafting your own cheesecake bars at home but just can't bring yourself to get in on the pumpkin spice trend, don't fret. There are dozens of different flavors for a no-bake cheesecake that can still allow you to get in on the holiday dessert action without relying on pumpkin flavors. As mentioned, most cheesecakes can be built on a base of graham cracker or Oreo crust, leaving room for endless customization by the artisan baker (or freezer, in this case). Try experimenting with a delicious make-ahead strawberry cheesecake, or even a Jello cheesecake. Once you figure out the simple method for combining and freezing your ingredients, the possibilities are truly endless.