Evenly Heat 2 Plates Of Microwave Food With A Simple Yet Clever Hack

Ever want to reheat food for yourself and a loved one — but can't decide whose food should go in first? You could be selfless and let your partner use the microwave first, but then their food ends up cold. If you go first, you're in the same situation, which can be frustrating if you are trying to sit down to a meal together. Just because you're eating leftovers doesn't mean you don't want your food hot. You could decide to eat separately, but why should you have to settle? There is a way, and it's remarkably easy.  

Balance the second plate on a cup, creating a double-decker situation. Anyone who's lived in a dense urban area will recognize the wisdom of the approach. When real estate is at a premium, you utilize vertical space. While you probably can't fit two full-sized plates side by side in your microwave, you can easily fit them on top of each other. But how do you stack them without dirtying the plates and violating your vittles? You don't need any fancy equipment— just a few (re)arranging skills.

A simple relocation

This hack is the ultimate in simplicity. All you need to do is rearrange the food on the bottom plate (leaving room for a cup), put a cup in the middle, and perch the second plate carefully on top. 

The best way to do this is to distribute the food on the bottom plate in a bagel formation. The size of the hole in the middle will depend on the cup. Naturally, you'll want to keep the upper plate well-balanced by avoiding placing anything heavy on one side. If you want to keep things evenly warmed, it's best to use the same kind of plates (making sure they're microwave-safe, of course), and you should avoid using a very tall cup since you don't want your food brushing the top of the microwave and sullying its sparkling interior. We recommend covering saucy food with a paper towel to avoid unnecessary messes. (Of course, some foods don't belong in the microwave to begin with). That's all there is to it — a hot dinner for two, and it couldn't be easier. You're welcome!