Turn Your Love Of Snickerdoodles Into A Layer Cake

If you love a good snickerdoodle cookie, the internet is packed with many similar desserts. For instance, a snickerdoodle layer cake brings together the warm flavors we associate with snickerdoodles and mimics the famous cookie's soft texture with fluffy cake and creamy frosting.

Don't get us wrong, snickerdoodle cookies are an excellent dessert, but sometimes, your special occasion calls for a dessert that's a bit fancier, and a layer cake is pretty darn fancy, right? Plus, a layer cake is much easier to customize, as you can change up the cake you use or even use different cake flavors for each layer, as well as switch the frosting and add toppings to match your preference.

The point is that a snickerdoodle layer cake provides more room for experimentation and creativity, while snickerdoodle cookie recipes are a little more set in their ways. After all, a classic is a classic for a reason.

Ideas for making a snickerdoodle layer cake

When making a snickerdoodle layer cake, it's important to remember the core snickerdoodle flavor elements: cinnamon sugar and a touch of tanginess. As such, you can base your cake recipe on a boxed vanilla cake mix, a spice cake mix, or even a cinnamon swirl crumb cake mix.

Between each layer, you can add some more snickerdoodle flavor by using a brown sugar buttercream frosting or even a tangy cream cheese frosting — plain or infused with cinnamon sugar. Really, it just depends on how hard you want to be hit in the face with the essence of snickerdoodle.

Of course, you can use the same frosting on the outside of the cake. If you're confident, roll the frosted cake in a sheet pan of cinnamon sugar to give it a good snickerdoodle dusting or sprinkle on cinnamon sugar. You can even add snickerdoodle cookies to the top.