The Canned Cranberry Sauce Hack That Has TikTok Grossed Out

If you've spent any time on TikTok, you're likely aware of the adage, "You can't eat at everybody's house," which calls attention to the questionable sanitary practices many home cooks seem to exhibit on the social media platform. The latest TikTok hack, which comes just in time for Thanksgiving, is another example of the oft-memed warning. The hack in question sees users removing cranberry sauce from the can by poking a small hole in one end of the tin and blowing into it, releasing the cranberry cylinder in a single motion.

While the hack has aesthetically pleasing results, providing a perfectly preserved cranberry log with no cuts or gashes, many commenters took issue with the unsanitary nature of someone blowing their hot breath and saliva particles into food meant for the entire family. One TikTok user commented, "Not blowin' her hot breath on it," while another offered, "Eww... no spit on the cranberries!" Others offered other hilariously concise critiques, such as "Oh hell nah" and "That's just gross!!!!"

Depending on how you serve cranberry sauce, retaining the shape of the can may not be necessary, making this hack high risk and low reward. However, for those looking for the most satisfying presentation, there is a better alternative.

Is there a better way to retrieve canned cranberries?

The hack begins with a salient point, as poking a hole in the back end of your cranberry sauce can breaks the vacuum, allowing the contents to slide out. Of course, there are better methods of removing cranberry sauce from a can that don't involve practices that would get any professional chef shut down by the health department.


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For starters, the tried and true method of running a butter knife around the inside of the can is a perfectly serviceable way to dislodge the gelatinous tube from its vacuum seal. To make this even easier, employ a small amount of room-temperature water (about one teaspoon) to lubricate the sauce without impacting its flavor.

This might not turn heads on TikTok, but it works and won't have commenters questioning your cleanliness. Of course, if you're planning on eating an entire can of cranberries all to yourself, you're free to huff and puff with reckless abandon.