Apple Cider Tots Are A Sweet Take On The Salty Side

Tater tots are right up there with french fries in the competition for best crunchy and delicious potato creation. Normally they're savory, salty, and paired with any number of sauces, and cheeses. They even form the base for many tater-tot casseroles. But did you realize that there can be sweet versions of tater tots too? Apple cider tots are a spin on tater tots inspired by all things autumnal.

One food truck, For Goodness Cakes Co., has been serving what they call apple cider french toast tots. So far, they're a massive hit around the truck's home in Long Island, New York. As the name implies, these tots are bite-sized bits of French toast covered in what appears to be cinnamon sugar or brown sugar. The truck's chefs then top the tots with a caramel drizzle and some kind of whipped cream. The comments section of the Instagram post featuring these tots is filled with cravings for them. Fortunately, the food truck is no sweet tot novice. It has posted about its blueberry pie churro tots which also look equally as incredible as they sound.

Take a shot at your own apple cider tots

Obviously, the food truck doesn't give away its recipe for these tots. At the same time, there are definitely ways you can try to recreate the treats in your own kitchen. All these tots really are made of is a combination of French toast bites and toppings. Both are super simple to make yourself at home. Cinnamon French toast bites are made just like normal French toast. The only difference is that the bread is cut into bite-sized pieces instead of fried whole. The tots are then coated in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar to make them even sweeter.

The food truck's tots have some kind of apple cider-flavored element to them as well. To recreate that, you could incorporate cider into the French toast batter or even make an apple compote or homemade apple sauce to top your tots with. There's also no rule saying you have to top your tots with exactly what's in the video. There are so many flavor combinations to experiment with and choose from. Maple syrup and French toast is always a safe bet and still sticks to those fall flavors. You even could drizzle them with melted chocolate, Nutella, or Biscoff spread to add another fun layer of flavor.