Reimagine Your Taco As A Braided Roll With The Help Of Pizza Dough

Nearly everyone loves tacos, to the extent that the food even has its own designated night of the week: Taco Tuesday. But the populace can be just as passionate about pizza, an established party, social-gathering, and break-room favorite. Both foods can appeal to people with dietary restrictions and satisfy even the pickiest of eaters since you can top them with whatever you want, but what if you could combine the two?

Many people are probably familiar with a Mexican pizza, as popularized by Taco Bell: These feature taco elements stacked and arranged on a crust–or a tortilla shell. So it seemed only natural that the script would flip and the two would combine into another culinary hybrid, in which the dough would serve as the taco shell. That melding of worlds is called a braided taco. The braided taco uses pizza dough in lieu of a corn or flour tortilla and combines ingredients you might typically see in any easy taco recipe.

A quick and easy mash-up

The braided taco is a great way to reimagine a traditional taco and make something different and fun that the whole family will enjoy. It's easy and convenient, too. You can buy any pre-made refrigerated crescent roll or pizza dough available at your local grocery store. The dough is generally rolled into a rectangle, so after you unroll it, add the other ingredients, and bake it in the oven, you can easily make a braided taco closely resembling a taco-adjacent stromboli or calzone.

Of course, much like a stromboli or calzone, you can add whatever fillings you desire. A number of braided taco recipes call for traditional taco toppings such as seasoned ground beef, cheese, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa. But you can always customize it with your own unique and creative ideas to adapt it to your (and your guests') tastes. The next time you host a Taco Tuesday, consider changing things up a bit and serving braided tacos. You may just start a new weeknight dinner tradition.