Costco's Fan-Favorite Smoothie Finally Returns To The Food Court

Between the all-you-can-eat free samples and its legendary food court, Costco manages to rival some of our favorite fast food joints. Still, despite already outdoing itself in the snacking department, Costco's newest announcement has customers rejoicing. Many Costco food court items have caused a stir with customers, especially if they're discontinued, but now, after a bit of a hiatus from many locations' menus, one of those beloved items is making a triumphant return.

If the notion of a Costco berry smoothie drawing this much attention surprises you, then it just means you didn't get a chance to try this tasty delicacy when it previously graced the menu. Despite its deliciousness and popularity, the berry smoothie was swapped out for a new mango smoothie in June 2023. Unfortunately for Costco (but luckily for the many fans of the classic berry flavor), the mango smoothie wasn't nearly as well received.

While a TikTok from user @costcohotfinds announcing the mango smoothie's arrival called it "delicious," the video's comments were overwhelmingly not in its favor. Many folks expressed their dislike for the mango smoothie, while some declared their hope for the berry variation's return. And, in the end, those who wanted the classic berry smoothie back have officially won.

Inside the Costco berry smoothie

For those of us who love a sweet and refreshing treat at the end of a long grocery shopping session, the return of the berry smoothie to Costco's food court is already a success. But this news gets even better for smoothie fans: The returning favorite is priced at just $2.99. The smoothie consists of strawberries, blackberries, and açaí, which makes it a more nutrient-dense choice than some of the other food court options. It also contains no added sugar and is around 200 calories. 

While some fortunate Costco shoppers could enjoy the berry smoothie and the limited-time mango smoothie simultaneously, other locations reintroduced the berry smoothies again in August. Each location will serve mango smoothies while supplies last. So, if you're one of the Costco mango smoothie's dedicated fans, it's time to become a berry smoothie convert. And, for those who've remained steadfast in their berry smoothie love, congratulations!