Costco's New 157-Piece Le Creuset Set Includes Everything But The Kitchen Sink

If you're looking for a new set of cookware, you should check Costco for the latest Le Creuset deal. This new massive deal on the beloved cookware brand is causing the internet to go wild and Costco's website to overload with traffic. If you haven't seen this Le Creuset set making the rounds, you may be surprised to discover just how thoroughly stocked it is. It has a whopping 157 pieces, so you can basically fill your kitchen cabinets from scratch with just one set.

Fans of the popular brand know just how heavy one piece of this cookware is, so it's really no surprise that after purchasing a set of 157 pieces, it reportedly has to be delivered to you on a pallet. Costco is selling this huge set for $4,499.99. And, for most folks, this is still a pretty sizable price tag. When you break it down, though, this puts each piece at $29. This is a great price for any good cookware set but especially for a high-end brand like Le Creuset, which charges around $370 for its 5.5-quart Dutch oven. If you're thinking that this price still seems too steep, it turns out it actually isn't. The set has already sold out. 

What you get with Costco's massive Le Creuset set

Since the Le Creuset set at Costco sold out so quickly, it's safe to guess that there will be more in stock in the future. If you can get your hands on one, you'll get three differently sized Dutch ovens, six different frying pans and saucepans, two stockpots, and an assortment of other dishes for the oven. The set also includes a kettle, a French press, and a 32-piece dining set. It also has basically every utensil you could need, from wooden spoons to measuring cups and even cookbooks. Yes — you'll probably want to sell all of your current kitchen tools to make room for this set that has nearly everything. Just make sure you're okay with having every kitchen item in a bold red hue. 

If you love the idea of investing in some great pieces at a lower price, Costco also has a smaller Le Creuset set that is available now. Its 9-piece cookware set includes two pots with lids, two pans, and three utensils, and it will only set you back $399.99. Costco also sells a few individual Le Creuset pieces at discounted prices for those of us who just want to replace one piece of our kitchenware.