The Affordable, Frozen Aldi Pizza That Has Reddit Up In Arms

Those who shop at Aldi know that they're getting a product at a price that is far more inexpensive than the competition, and with that, the quality is often hit or miss. While many of Aldi's wines are award-winning and economical, some items get mixed reviews, such as the pre-made meals. But most customers will agree that Aldi's frozen pizza section is highly underrated, with the surprising diversity of Mama Cozzi's pizzas offering something for everyone. But the unexpected jump in price has even the most laid-back fans up in arms.

"Went to ALDI today, and it looks like they've re-branded the three-dollar pizza as a five-dollar pizza that's smaller and has weird pepperoni I wrong? Please tell me I'm wrong," wrote one frantic fan on an Aldi subreddit, along with a photo of the offending Mamma Cozzi Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza. Another responded that they'd stopped buying frozen pizza at Aldi when the prices went up, writing "Aldi is about finding staples for a good price. You lose that and I'm gone."

Aldi's price is still cheaper than the competition

A search for Aldi's frozen pizza on its website reveals a sad truth: no pizzas are priced under $3 any longer. The most inexpensive pizzas are the thin crusts, now $3.85. The stuffed crust pizzas are $7.69, and the rising crust pizzas that Reddit is frustrated about are priced at $5.49. Despite the price hike, there were also many who thought $5.49 was still better than the other grocery stores. When one person wrote on the subreddit that the pizza was no longer worth it, someone responded with "Look I get it. But what else are you getting for $5 that's better? Or more? Still an alright deal."

As of yet, Aldi hasn't given any reason for the frozen pizza price hikes. For those wary of rising costs, it may be wise to look to other ways to save more money at Aldi. Keeping an eye on the weekly ad flyer, avoiding name-brand products, exploring the Aldi Find aisle, and keeping an eye out for Aldi's red stickers for more bargains. But as others have pointed out, $5.49 is still a pretty good price for a frozen pizza, especially compared to Aldi's rivals.