Cooking Your Hot Dogs In A Waffle Maker Seems Unnecessary But Funny

If you ever happen to find yourself in the unlikely scenario that you have no food besides hot dogs (and, of course, their buns) and no appliances except a waffle iron, there's no need to fear: TikTok has your back. While this may sound strange to those who aren't active on social media, waffle irons are having a savory moment. The latest result? A viral TikTok that teaches people how to whip up waffle-inspired hot dogs.

The video's creator, @creativecookingcouple_nm, starts the process by placing three hot dogs into their buns and arranging them, one by one, on the open waffle iron. They then carefully add ketchup and relish into the cracks between each hot dog and its bun before closing the iron and cooking all the hot dogs together. When the batch is finished cooking, they open the waffle iron to reveal that the hot dogs have, in fact, been compressed with a waffle-like pattern. Is this a better way to cook a hot dog than more traditional methods? While that answer boils down to personal preference, this is certainly a strange way to prepare a hot dog, and perhaps that in itself makes it worth a try.

Should you actually start making hot dogs in a waffle iron?

While the video's comment section garnered a few positive responses, like, "Brilliant!!!" and, "Looks so good," along with quite a few laughing emoji, most of the comments didn't approve of this unorthodox use for a waffle maker. One commenter simply wrote, "immediately no," while another said, "No. You are eating them wrong." If these comments are any indication, it's safe to say that most people who saw this video won't be trying the waffle hot dog at home.


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The biggest advantage of this method seems to be that all of your hot dog components will be the same temperature, and the hot dog buns will come out a bit crispy. Its quick cooking time is also a plus, and depending on the size of your waffle iron, you may be able to cook multiple hot dogs at once. For these reasons, and since the hot dogs come out fully prepped, this might be a good option if you're looking for a quick, easy appetizer or game-day snack. Otherwise, you might want to stick with more traditional methods for cooking hot dogs.