Fireball Fudge Is For Anyone Who Wants To Relive Their Glory Days

Fireball — or, indeed, any other type of cinnamon-flavored whiskey — is the kind of thing that, should you find yourself in possession of a bottle, you may not be entirely sure what to do with. Sure, back in your younger days, you may have been inclined to do shots of whatever was at hand, but if you've outgrown your taste for candy-flavored booze, you can instead put the stuff to better use by making actual candy out of it.

Recipe developer Christina Musgrave says of her boozy confection, "This fudge is good for any occasion." Specifically for 21 and up occasions, of course, since the fudge does contain a fair amount of whiskey and as this ingredient isn't heated, none of the alcohol will cook out. (It's actually a cooking myth that you can burn off most of the booze even if you do bake it, anyway.) Each piece of fudge contains just over ⅛ ounce of whiskey so it won't get you intoxicated if consumed in moderation, but you'll still risk running afoul of the law if you serve this stuff to minors. Should you be hosting an adults-only gathering, though, Musgrave suggests that this cinnamon-flavored fudge might be the perfect thing to bring to parties or tailgates.

Besides whiskey, you only need 3 other ingredients to make this fudge

As the title of this recipe has already revealed, this fudge requires just four ingredients in all. In addition to the Fireball (or similarly cinnamony) whiskey, you will also need some chocolate, of course –- here Musgrave is using chocolate chips. The remaining two ingredients for this quick and easy fudge are vanilla extract and sweetened condensed milk. Of these ingredients, only the chocolate needs to be heated and a microwave will work just fine for melting it. Everything else simply gets stirred together and then stuck in the fridge for a few hours to set up.

While the primary flavors of this fudge are going to be booze, cinnamon, and chocolate (not necessarily in that order), there are still a few tweaks you can make to change things up. For one thing, you could switch up the chocolate by using either semisweet, milk, or white chips as you prefer. Butterscotch chips, too, could make for a tasty variation. Musgrave also advocates for mix-ins, suggesting, "You could add in chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or cinnamon swirls." Yet another change you could make is to take the booze out of the recipe by using one of the zero-proof cinnamon whiskies that are among the many types of alcohol-free liquors now available. That way you need have no fear of anyone underage getting into the candy jar.