Pizza Hut's $60 Seasonings Dare You To Spend Twice As Much To Cook Your Own Food

If you love Pizza Hut, then it's about to get a lot easier to achieve its signature flavor at home. But keep in mind, it'll cost you. The popular pizza chain is now offering a Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set that comes with two spice blends: "Make it Pepperoni" and "Everything Pizza Shake." The set also includes a limited-edition spice shaker that's modeled after Pizza Hut's classic stained-glass lamps. Given the popularity of Trader Joe's Everything But The Bagel Seasoning, Pizza Hut just might be onto something with its Everything Pizza Shake.

In a press release, the head of food innovation at Pizza Hut U.S., Penny Shaheen, said, "We're thrilled to serve up the 'Seasoning Duet' to our fans so they can enjoy the taste of Pizza Hut at home in a completely new way. This seasoning duo brings the unmistakable taste of our pepperoni right to your kitchen — perfect for any pizza aficionado." Plenty of folks would love to turn everything from their popcorn to their french fries or sandwiches into something reminiscent of their favorite pizza. The only flaw? At $60, the collectible set costs about as much as actually ordering a couple of pizzas from the Hut.

Pizza Hut's new seasonings bring the Hut to your home

Pizza Hut's Collectible Seasoning Duet Box Set was created in collaboration with Chain, the pop-up responsible for those viral '90s Pizza Hut hats. For Pizza Hut's "Make it Pepperoni" spice blend, the chain adapted its popular pepperoni flavor into a vegan seasoning. The press release recommends adding the slightly spicy and salty taste to everything from vegetables to ice cream. The second flavor is Chain's "Everything Pizza Shake," which aims to be an all-in-one seasoning reminiscent of pizza in a jar. This blend is composed of red pepper, oregano, parmesan, and more.

According to Chain's co-founder, Nicholas Kraft, the spice blends were devised out of pure necessity. "The amount of people who have told me that they used to steal those little glass shakers from Pizza Huts is astounding," Kraft explained, adding, "People clearly wanted to bring home those pizzeria flavors, so that's what we've created with The Hut Shaker and these seasoning blends: all the joy and flavors of a meal at Pizza Hut without any of the crime."

So, if you want more of your everyday food to have that iconic Pizza Hut taste, then this is the promotion for you. Otherwise, just order a pizza; it'll be easier on your wallet and equally satisfying for your tastebuds.