You Can Basically Wear '90s Pizza Hut With Its New Hats

There's arguably no better way to support your favorite brands than by wearing them. This applies just as much to food as it does sportswear, designers, or your favorite YouTuber merch. Food fashion is a booming trend — and it's especially popular when paired with our never-ending taste for nostalgia from the '80s, '90s, and beyond. One pizza chain in particular is no stranger to combining the two: Pizza Hut previously released a retro clothing line featuring tracksuits, necklaces, and other garments adorned in the chain's classic checkerboard style so that fans can highlight their love for the brand both in and out of the restaurant.

Now, Pizza Hut is collaborating with Chain to release a brand new item that will top off the outfit of any devoted food fashion fan. Pizza Hut and Chain have opted for a classic bucket hat — a design popular throughout the '90s and currently experiencing a major revival, especially throughout festival season and the summer months. The new hut hats are also double-sided — allowing you to pick which retro Pizza Hut vibe you want to represent.

What are the pizza hut hats?

On one side, the reversible hats showcase the red and white checkerboard pattern from the overhead lamp shades emblematic of '90s Pizza Hut restaurants, while the inverse features a traditional red style, similar to the iconic (but now mostly absent) Pizza Hut red roof, which has largely been phased out in recent years in order to make restaurants more efficient for takeout, delivery, and drive-thru orders. "Those Pizza Hut Tiffany lamps are some of the most iconic pieces of New Americana design," Chain co-founder Nicholas Kraft explained in a press release. "They elicit such joy and fond memories ... and let's be real: they kinda look like bucket hats all on their own."

The hats will be available starting on April 5 at 12 p.m. PST to order via Chain's website, and will cost $35 each. You can also sign up to get access codes for future limited-edition events. These Pizza Hut hats won't be around forever, so if you're interested in getting a slice of the action, make sure to grab them while they're hot.