The Discontinued Cheetos That Featured A Salsa Dip Flavor

Sometimes, good things come to an end despite how amazing they may seem. In 2008, crunchy salsa con queso Cheetos were discontinued after an eight-year run. Although there was some confusion in 2012 on whether they were actually pulled from the market or not, PepsiCo confirmed the chips were no longer available per an email to Mental Floss.

The spicy Cheetos were made up of cheddar and Romano cheese, onion powder, garlic powder, and tomato powder. They also included lime extract and various spices like chili pepper.

In August 2020, the snack made its return, but only for a limited time. Instagram user @snackgator was thrilled after finding a pack at Dollar General, which is where they were exclusively sold at that time. Commenters who remembered the chips were overjoyed at the news. "These are literally one of my all-time favorites," one user wrote. Another comment read, "[These] need to be permanent." That fan wasn't the only one who felt this way about the Cheetos.

Cheetos salsa con queso were once beloved

Cheetos salsa con queso were so beloved that fans started a petition to call for their comeback. Unfortunately, the July 2014 petition didn't make a lot of noise, coming out with only 46 supporters. "These are the only Cheetos I can eat without them being too hot," wrote one participant. A couple of others touted them as their favorite chips.

People who reviewed the snacks on Google were also saddened when they couldn't locate the flavor. "If I ever find these again I will be buying a crate," a fan wrote, calling them "the perfect mix of spicy and savory with just a touch of lime." Another reviewer pleaded for the flavor's return. "I'm so sad these have been discontinued," they wrote.

It's unknown if these cheesy favorites will ever make their return, but with their limited-time revival in 2020, it's not far-fetched to assume they may come back in small quantities. For now, they are one of the discontinued food items that caused an outrage with fans.