Give Frozen Nuggets A Twist And Turn Them Into Chicken Parm Bites

Frozen chicken nuggets are a childhood favorite that many people enjoy well into adulthood. However, even with all the nostalgia that comes from indulging in a plate of dino nuggies and your favorite dipping sauce, the comfort meal can start to lose some of its flair after a while. But that doesn't mean you have to tuck that bag of chicken nuggets away in the back of your freezer forever. With a few additional ingredients, you can easily give those frozen nugs a mouthwatering twist by transforming them into chicken parm bites.

Start by picking up a bag of your favorite frozen chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken, or, if you really feel like going above and beyond, you can make your own homemade crispy chicken nuggets, instead. Cook the nugs according to the instructions, and then the magic really happens. Using your favorite marinara, top each nugget with a spoonful of the bright red sauce, followed by some mozzarella cheese. Throw the dressed-up chicken back into the oven for just a few minutes until the cheese melts, and there you have it. Bite-sized chicken parmigiana in no time. Mangia!

Other ways to upgrade frozen chicken nuggets

Chicken parm bites certainly give frozen chicken nuggets a run for their money, and, for some, they might even rival traditional chicken parmesan. The easy-to-make finger food can act as an after-school snack or party appetizer, though they could easily be turned into a full-fledged meal by pairing the loaded nuggets with a side of noodles. Need to get in some more veggies? Toss them with greens to make a chicken parm salad. And if you need a bite to eat on the go, you could even pile up a few of the sauce and cheese-covered nuggs onto a buttery garlic roll for a chicken parm sandwich.

As if making chicken parm bites wasn't enough of a reason to stock your freezer with a few extra bags of frozen nuggets, there are plenty of other ways to upgrade the nostalgic snack, like topping them with ham and Swiss cheese to make chicken cordon bleu bites. Nuggets can also easily be the star of a crispy chicken Caesar salad, buffalo chicken wrap, or chicken sandwich sliders with the addition of pickles and mayo.

In the morning, chicken nuggets can lend themselves to bite-sized breakfast sammies if you toss them in honey and put them on a biscuit. You could also easily make a southern favorite by pairing your nuggs with frozen waffles for chicken and waffles.