How Many TikTokers Does It Take To Determine How Waffle House Makes Its Eggs?

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If you're trying to find the best method for making Waffle House's beloved cheesy eggs at home, the internet has done a lot of the work for you. In November 2022, TikTok user @martineshannon thought they had cracked the code and proceeded to share what they believed was a copycat recipe. The TikToker's video instructed fans of the 24-hour breakfast eatery to simply throw some butter in a skillet and crack their eggs directly into the pan while melting slices of cheese in a separate cast iron skillet over low heat. As the cheese melts, they lightly scramble the eggs before transferring them into the cast iron pan. After giving everything a good mix, they finally have a plate of D.I.Y. Waffle House cheesy eggs — or, at least, they think so.

Despite amassing over 3,000 likes and plenty of positive feedback from followers — several of whom said their cheesy eggs turned out great after following the TikToker's instructions — not everyone agreed that their method was exactly the same as the one Waffle House grill masters use to whip up the breakfast fave.

According to employees, there is a key to making copycat Waffle House cheesy eggs

TikTok user @martineshannon's method for making copycat Waffle House cheesy eggs wasn't entirely incorrect. As evidenced by a TikTok video shared by the Atlanta-based chain itself in 2021, employees do, in fact, use the two-pan method that @martineshannon described, with the second pan specifically being cast iron. However, where the TikToker seemingly went wrong was their call for butter, which a few commenters on their video claimed isn't used at all in the ridiculous amount of eggs Waffle House makes each year.


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"I'm a cook at Waffle House we don't use butter to cook our eggs we don't even season the eggs we just cook them in oil,"  one Tiktok user wrote. Another commenter seemed to back this claim and even offered more details on the alleged Waffle House method. "One of the main reasons waffle house eggs are different from the ones at home is the oil we use, its kaola brand oil," they said. In a 2020 post Waffle House shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), the chain confirmed its food is cooked with Kaola oil, which is now known as Phase Gold and, according to its Amazon listing, "imparts rich, buttery flavor."