Here's What It Takes To Become A Waffle House Grill Master

Just when you thought you knew everything about your favorite breakfast spot — there's more. You probably didn't know that there's a full-fledged record company that produces Waffle House-themed music (via NPR). Or that FEMA uses Waffle Houses to determine just how bad a situation is getting. If a Waffle House is closed, it means things are pretty dire and this is called "The Waffle House Index." And Anthony Bourdain once described Waffle House as "an irony-free zone where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts" (via US Magazine).

With a simple, no-frills style, this Southern-based restaurant chain isn't just a trucker's paradise where pancakes and hot coffee offer a friendly pick-me-up. It's a legend in and out of itself. Waffle House is a place that radiates a familiar warmth, offers hot meals, and is a place outsiders always want to visit.

No restaurant with such status is without an integral component, like the employees handling those grills and flipping pancakes each day. While you may think that anyone can make waffles and grits, Waffle House begs to differ. It takes a certain kind of person to master the grill in this chain.

Employees must pass a three part exam to grill

According to one Reddit user, the process to become a grill master is composed of three testing parts. The first part includes cooking a large amount of food, followed by a written exam, and finally, an evaluation by three seasoned managers. There's even an entrance exam to see if you're fit to join the Waffle House team at all, and luckily, you can use Quizlet to help you prepare.

But why all the tests and evaluations? The simplest answer is that Waffle House wants to offer the best service. The chain's level of dedication to having the best employees in the breakfast world is such that the company has "Rockstar employees" — those who go above and beyond when serving up syrup and smiles. According to Medium, the position of "Rockstar" entitles not just a cool blue pin, but also requires you to be nominated by other employees, including managers, and again, includes passing a series of tests. One of these tests involves cooking an enormous amount of food in a short time.

Loyal Waffle House customers appreciate the time and dedication the employees put into being the best and for those who have yet to experience the hearty hash browns and stellar service, perhaps it's time for a road trip.