The Ridiculous Amount Of Eggs Waffle House Makes Every Year

Even though they have an incredibly annoying habit of plummeting to the ground and splattering into thousands of gooey pieces, eggs are very well adapted to help us stay well-nourished. Not only can they be cooked in many ways, they're also crammed full of protein, folate, iodine, and vitamins A, B, and D.

Quite how beneficial eggs are once they've been transformed into the creamy excellence of Waffle House's Cheese 'N Eggs is another matter. Packing 400 milligrams of cholesterol and 620 milligrams of salt, the nutritional table published by the Waffle House website rather confirms the suspicion that pouring cheese over eggs is not exactly the most beneficial way of consuming the yolky goodies.

That said, Waffle House's egg expertise is partly reflected in the company's success. Research conducted by Forbes shows that the company generally expects to achieve annual revenues of over $1.3 billion. All that money indicates a huge demand for eggs, but how many does Waffle House actually crack open in its restaurants?

America's hens are kept extremely busy by Waffle House's constant demand for eggs

Serving up fried food 24 hours a day, seven days a week from over 1,900 locations across the U.S. requires hefty deliveries of food. Mental Floss notes that Waffle House has served up an extraordinary number of eggs since it opened in 1955, totaling over two billion.

Since Waffle House's business model has obviously progressed considerably from its 1950s beginnings, NBC News reported in 2005 that an astonishing 2% of all eggs produced in the U.S. went directly into the chain's kitchens. Statistics from United Egg Producers show that almost 100 billion eggs are farmed in the U.S. every year, clearly displaying the impact that Waffle House has on the egg market.

Simply stacking up a collection of eggs does not necessarily provide the ability to cook them to the fluffy levels achieved by Waffle House, however. Wide Open Eats speculates that Waffle House's omelets are made using eggs that have been whipped continuously by an electric mixer, gifting them their famous fluffiness.