Martha Stewart Is Officially Done With Thanksgiving

When making Thanksgiving dinner this year, many people will turn to Martha Stewart's favorite method for cooking a turkey, which involves wrapping it in parchment paper while it cooks. Others will follow the famous hostess's lead and focus on making pumpkin or apple pies instead of pecan, breaking out the food processor for the perfect pie crust — just like Martha. But given how many at-home bakers and cooks turn to Martha at the holidays for ideas on creating the perfect table, many may be surprised to hear Stewart casually tell Kelly Clarkson, "I gave up Thanksgiving."

She went on to explain to the surprised talk show host that "Nine guests canceled because somebody got sick. So... I called up my chef friend and I said, 'We're not doing Thanksgiving.'" She went on to discuss all the turkeys she'd already cooked this year: 14 for her television show and one as a demonstration for the Today Show. "I am turkeyed out," she confessed. Given her many, many years of showing people what dishes to cook for the holidays and how to set the table, we think she's allowed to sit one out.

She's known for going big for the holidays

For those worried about our queen of domestic arts, there's no need. While she may be forgoing a traditional Thanksgiving meal at her home, she's not going to be at home by herself, watching movies and drinking wine. She IS still Martha Stewart, after all. "Friends, of course, invited me to their home, so I'm going to about five different homes to taste different courses." When Kelly Clarkson joked, "Those friends must be so stressed out," Stewart smiles and responded, "I hope so."

Stewart has been known to take the holidays very seriously. In 2021, she posted on Instagram about making ten pecan brown butter rum pies, ten cranberry tarts in almond crusts, and ten five-spice powder-flavored pumpkin pies in pate brisee crusts: and all of her farm employees got to pick one to take home. The following year, she similarly posted on Instagram, this time upping the options with chocolate pecan, pecan, butternut squash, and lemon curd, while also hinting that she'd made more varieties.

The fact that Stewart had already cooked more than a dozen turkeys this year, and would've likely would've still had a full Thanksgiving spread if her guests hadn't canceled, speaks volumes about her perfectionism and dedication to her craft. Thanksgiving may be canceled at the Stewart house, but don't be surprised if she uses that extra time to create an especially exquisite Christmas spread.