Pepsi And Shaq's New Soda Ad Is A Nostalgic Throwback

The '90s are known for everything from the growth of technology to unique fashion trends. However, many people remember the decade for its iconic television. While there were many great shows and movies, ads often created the perfect pop culture phenomenon, and Shaquille O'Neal's 1994 collaboration with Pepsi was one prime example.

The commercial (which can be found on YouTube) depicted over-seven-foot O'Neal in various circumstances where he was too big, from a hotel bed to the shower and even breakfast. However, the one thing that could handle his size was Pepsi's Big Slam, one full liter of soda designed for "big thirst."

Harkening back to the 1990s, Pepsi has taken inspiration from this ad nearly three decades later, partnering with the basketball star again — but with a slightly smaller product in mind. The new commercial, "I Wish," is a parody twist on Skee-Lo's popular 1995 rap song. It features O'Neal wishing he was "a little bit smaller" since that would make daily life easier. While small plane seats, short beds, and traditional suit sizes are all inconveniences for tall people, O'Neal ultimately finds that Pepsi Mini cans are the perfect beverage size for him. The new lyrics in this clever song are rapped by Skee-Lo himself, with O'Neal coming in at the end, calling his Pepsi Mini cans fresh and saying they're "the perfect size, no more, no less."

Good things come in small packages

While the ad depicts Shaquille O'Neal being shuffled to the back of a group selfie because of his height, fans can post their own Pepsi pictures or selfies on social media to win an official basketball from the NBA, signed by O'Neal. Of course, to enter, don't forget to tag @Pepsi and use the hashtags #betterwithpepsiminis and #sweepstakes.

In an official press release, O'Neal states, "As a longtime partner of the brand, I always have a great time working with Pepsi." The sports legend explains that drinking Pepsi Minis helps him to "appreciate the little things in life." The campaign is a part of Pepsi's 125th anniversary celebration, and the Pepsi Mini cans commercial will be broadcast on national television during the NFL's primetime Thanksgiving coverage.

Pepsi Mini cans are only 7.5 ounces, making them a handy option for parties and hosting. Some have even taken to Reddit to defend smaller cans, with one user stating "portion control" as the reason for liking them and another claiming they're more convenient for mixed drinks. One user jokes, "I like to pretend I'm a GIANT!!" With all this soda talk, it's understandable if O'Neal's new ad leaves you craving a Pepsi Mini. Luckily, they're now available in packs of six or 10 and come in Pepsi flavors like Original, Zero Sugar, Wild Cherry, Diet, and Real Sugar, with Original and Wild Cherry also sold in a 30-pack.