Why Does Aldi Have So Few Signs Compared To Other Grocery Stores?

A trip to most typical grocery stores these days can be an experience in sensory overload. Within steps of entering the front door, shoppers are overwhelmed with signs for sales, promotions, branding, and other distractions. Yet, this isn't the case at one popular grocery chain — Aldi. Many Aldi fans wonder why that is, so we looked into it.

It turns out the relative lack of signage and other advertising at Aldi isn't an accident. Aside from some aisle designations to help shoppers find what they're looking for, Aldi made a deliberate decision to strip away most advertising and other displays to help customers shop more efficiently.

It's also likely part of Aldi's overall no-frills philosophy. Along with Aldi's policies of not providing bags for groceries and requiring shoppers to return their carts to get their quarter back, saving money on signage and promotions helps preserve the chain's signature low prices.

Less sign clutter, more label clues

However, just because there are fewer signs than in a typical supermarket, that doesn't mean you shouldn't carefully scan the shelves as you stroll by. Always look out for Aldi Savers tags. They're telltale signs of deep discounts, indicating the store is trying to move an item quickly for some reason. Take advantage of them while you can, as they're only temporary, unlike ordinary clearance items on sale until they're gone. You can find the date the promotion ends on the bottom right of the tag.

Also, the lack of extraneous signage makes it easier for keen-eyed shoppers to spot a consistent Aldi label clue that indicates when an item will soon be discontinued. It's a simple, hand-written letter D, usually in red or black ink. If you find this marking on a favorite item, it's time to stock up, as it's unlikely the discontinued item will reappear.

As you can see, the reasons for Aldi's few signs are as varied as the benefits. No matter the motivation, it's just another of the subtle things Aldi does to make such devoted fans of its shoppers.