Why You Should Always Look Out For Aldi Savers Tags

Grocery shopping is a necessary task that has many people divided on their opinions of it. Some love grocery shopping and some hate it. And some people choose to do all their shopping at one single store, while others visit several markets to get all their favorite items. But one thing is for certain: A lot of people are fans of Aldi — and for good reason. They offer tons of groceries at great prices, have a good selection of fresh produce, and provide grocery delivery, among other helpful conveniences.

Though, Aldi's rotating selection of items can make it feel a little bit like a game of grocery roulette because you never know exactly what you'll find on the shelves or if you'll be able to spot your selected item for a second time. When you stop at an Aldi, there are a variety of different tags that denote particular things (via Almost All Aldi), and paying attention to them can save you a ton of money while also making navigating the store a bit easier.

How can you tell all the different tags apart?

While strolling through the aisles at Aldi, you may notice all the different tags on the shelves. If you haven't spent a ton of time at the store in the past, these tags might seem a bit confusing. However, they're pretty straightforward once you get to know what each means. Per Taste of Home, yellow tags with black print are standard, normally stocked items at Aldi as well as seasonal items that are slated to return year after year. This means the item is usually carried by the store, and you can likely expect to continue seeing it into the foreseeable future or at least when the holiday comes along. If the yellow tags have a blue flag as well, that's considered a new item.

Yellow signs with red print denote a Red Hot Special item, which means it's on clearance.  And white tags with red print on them means the item is a coveted Aldi Finds product, available only for a limited time, meaning they could be around for a few days or a few weeks, depending on how popular they are, according to Almost All Aldi. If you find one you like, make sure to stock up because you never know when or if they'll be back!

There's also one other new tag that was recently introduced that needs some explaining, too.

What are Aldi Savers Tags?

Aldi Savers Tags are a new addition to the store. They were introduced two years ago in July 2019, and they're usually white tags with large red arrows pointing to a certain item or hanging at the bottom of a standard yellow tag. These tags indicate that your store is trying to move stock as soon as possible and is offering that item temporarily at a hugely discounted price. 

"Look at the bottom right-hand corner of the tag to see the end date on the sale, and in the black & white part right above the Aldi Savers logo to see how much you're saving off that product's everyday price," advises Almost All Aldi. Keep your eyes peeled for these tags, as these items are usually super cheap and a great deal. 

But you may be wondering, what differentiates a clearance (or a Red Hot Special) tag from an Aldi Savers tag? One important thing to remember is that Aldi Savers tags are only offering that discount for a limited time, which is why that date in the lower right corner is worth paying attention to. Because of this, you'll want to make sure you stock up while they're on sale if you particularly enjoy these items. Clearance tags, however, don't have an end date, and the item will probably be on clearance until they get rid of it. 

Almost All Aldi also recommends stocking up when you find handwritten discount tags on Aldi Finds items because it means they're definitely on their way out and might not come back.

Other useful tips for shopping at Aldi

As with any grocery store, there are certain ways that people recommend navigating it to enhance your experience and get the most out of your grocery trip. In a Reddit thread about Aldi tips, user @karma-twelve says, "In my store they also put all the white tag items they are trying to get rid of in their own aisle. Makes them easy to find." This means one aisle might have all the clearance items lumped together, so rather than scouring the store for deals, you might just need to peruse one aisle. 

Another pro tip offered up by user @bagjuioce is that "many products come in mixed cases so if you don't initially see the exact variation of the product you want, it may be in one of the cases behind or under it. The box will have a list of the different types printed on the front of the case." 

The next time you stop into an Aldi, keep these tips (and the tag colors) in mind for a successful shopping experience.