Harry Potter-Themed Snacks Have Social Media Under Their Spell

"Harry Potter" fans are quite the lucky bunch. They can head over to Universal Studios' Wizarding World of Harry Potter to geek out, immerse themselves in magical scenery, and even try Wizarding World's iconic butterbeer, among other magical foods. Although wizard food can't magically appear on your plate like it does in Hogwarts' Great Hall, it is possible to recreate "Harry Potter"-themed snacks in the comfort of your own home, as one Instagram creator, @paytonmey, has demonstrated.

In one of their videos, the user shows an array of snacks they enthusiastically made for their boyfriend, who had never seen the films before. These snacks featured, among other treats, brooms made of pretzel sticks and string cheese, as well as cucumber- and basil-infused water to mimic Gillyweed. The centerpiece was a miniature version of the birthday cake Hagrid brought Harry in the first film. Of course, what's a "Harry Potter"'-themed snack spread without a reference to Quidditch? The poster recreated a Golden Snitch by gluing paper wings to gold-wrapped chocolates.

These snack ideas can make movie night magical

Instead of classic movie night snacks like mini pizzas or nachos, magical snacks are the perfect accompaniment for watching "Harry Potter." Viewers of @paytonmey's video recognized this and applauded the creator's efforts to make their boyfriend's first "Harry Potter" viewing special. One person commented, "If someone did this for me I would cry tears of joy." Another described the snack spread as "such a cute and fun gesture."

Other creators are also demonstrating their witchy creativity by transforming basic pantry snacks into "Harry Potter" treats. Instagram food content creator @orsongygi used thick pretzel sticks as the base for chocolate and caramel wands. By molding caramel into long strings and wrapping it around the pretzels, they created wand-like sticks that could be dipped into melted chocolate. Commenters seemed to love the wands, calling them "Clever and yummy."

For those looking for a baking project, TikTok creator @jess_and_fantastic_fur put an interactive spin on edible Sorting Hats, which require chocolate chip cookies, waffle cones, and Hogwarts House-colored M&M's. They assembled the treats by filling the waffle cones with one of the four M&M's colors and attaching it to a cookie using frosting. The color inside each hat is a surprise, making these Sorting Hat cookies a yummy mystery. One commenter loved the treats, saying, "Omg these are sooo cute."