Miller's New Neon Xmas Tree Will Make Your Place Smell Like A Dive Bar

If you can't make it to your favorite bar this holiday season, Miller High Life will bring the bar to you. The beer brand's seasonal merchandise release is full of festive spirit and familiar aromas. According to info shared with Mashed, you can get the Merry High Light, a Christmas tree-shaped neon light, starting December 8. Aside from bringing a holiday glow to your space, it will also deliver aromas. The light is infused with a "dive bar" scent to evoke the feeling of being on your favorite stool.

This launch will celebrate Miller High Life's 120th anniversary. The brand, which has always been dive bar-adjacent, is hoping to enter your home in a unique way while paying homage to your go-to drinking spots.

Miller High Life has become synonymous with quirky holiday releases. In 2022, it celebrated the 39th anniversary of the film "A Christmas Story" by releasing an unexpected "Leg Lamp Beer Tower." The holiday-themed oddity measured over 3 feet tall and dispensed beer. The year prior, in 2021, Miller High Life honored dive bars with a festive gingerbread house that featured edible barstools and working lights. This year's release tracks with the brand's history of holiday products that think outside the box.

This tree light comes complete with tree skirt

Beer drinkers come to expect something somewhat out of the ordinary from Miller High Life this time of year, and 2023 is no exception. This year, for $120, the company wants you to fill your home with the smells of your favorite dive bar and light up your space with a festive green hue using the Merry High Light. This neon sign Christmas tree is designed for a tabletop at 2½ feet tall.

In true Miller High Life fashion, the neon tree is topped with a signature logo that many will recognize from the company's beer cans. The brand also wants you to remember that no tree is complete without a matching skirt — along with your light, you'll receive a tree skirt resembling the one worn by "the Girl in the Moon," a classic symbol of the brand. As for the scent, the company claims the light is infused with notes of sweet tobacco to transport you to your favorite neighborhood haunt. Dive bar lovers will likely flip for Miller High Life's upcoming giveaway, too. The beer company is giving away a collector's edition tree that's 5 feet tall with a "Girl in the Moon" tree topper.