Miller High Life Just Released An Unexpected 'Leg Lamp Beer Tower'

In the list of classic holiday movies, "A Christmas Story" ranks high. Who can forget the scene where Flick gets his tongue stuck on the flag pole, or Ralphie Parker's relentless quest to convince his parents and Santa to get him a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model Rifle? The 1983 film provokes nostalgia and enthusiasm that few others can match. 

One of the movie's great moments is when Ralphie's dad unwraps a newly prized possession: a "leg lamp" that he won as a prize (actually, a consolation prize, as noted by Rock 92.9). The lamp, designed to look like a woman's stockinged leg, becomes a symbol of many things in the movie, particularly the differences between Ralphie's parents. Upon setting up the lamp, Mr. Parker exclaims, grinning ecstatically, "What a great lamp!" while Ralphie's mother titters nervously, "I don't know...."  Mr. Parker wants to keep the lamp displayed prominently through a visible window, while his wife would rather hide its embarrassing presence from the public (via Midway to Main Street on YouTube).

The leg lamp, for all its tackiness, has become absolutely iconic, and a beloved piece of Christmas season nostalgia. The choice of a leg lamp was no coincidence, according to Midway to Main Street — such lamps really were given away during the time as merch for a soda company called Nehi (pronounced Knee-High) Soda Corp which liked to play on its name in its marketing campaigns. Now Miller High Life is joining the fun.

The beer tower holds an entire six-pack

So it seems totally appropriate that another beverage company is revisiting the theme. This time around, they're for grown-ups and they're not swag, they're for sale. Miller High Life has reinvented the leg lamp just in time for the holidays and for the 39th anniversary of the "A Christmas Story" and Miller's upcoming 120th anniversary. 

These legs come with a kick — they store a full six-pack of Miller High Life and the beer can be served straight from the lamp leg itself. The company shared the lowdown with Mashed: The fully functioning lamp and beer tower stands 3.5 feet tall and holds 2.2 liters of beer. Sales will start at 9 am on December 9, and the limited edition lamps will cost $120. Miller is going all out on the vintage charm of the item, too. The lamps will be shipped in "FRAGILE" boxes, just like the movie's original lamp. 

In keeping with the seasonal vibe and Miller High Life's "Girl in the Moon" logo, these leg lamps are red. If you do get yourself one of these beauties, let's hope you've learned your lessons from the film and keep your lamp safely away from unappreciative family members. It is a lamp, which means it's FRA-GEE-LAY — must be Italian — no matter how excited you are about the beer that's inside.