The Price Of Costco's Latest Cinnamon Roll Offering Has Shoppers Shook

Whether it's pumpkin and pecan pies for the holidays or muffins for your morning breakfast, Costco's bakery is known for turning out delicious and decadent treats. However, cinnamon rolls have always been a fan favorite. According to a 2020 Reddit post, shoppers once believed the pull-apart cinnamon rolls were discontinued, but their disappearance may have been a pandemic-related pause or a rebranding opportunity.

Costco brought these iconic cinnamon rolls back in early 2023 and received praise from many fans eager to get their hands on the gooey treat. The pull-apart cinnamon rolls had previously come with 12 pieces and sold for only $6.99. This price point felt like a steal for many cinnamon roll fans, but it also led customers to become accustomed to the great deal.

The rebranding of this item for the 2023 holiday season and a near doubling in price has rubbed many consumers the wrong way. Laura from Costco Hot Finds raved about the taste and texture on Instagram, noting the pastry's holiday return and recipe change. While they called the new rolls "phenomenal" and even heated theirs in the microwave for extra gooey goodness, commenters were not as enthusiastic, with one writing, "They're 12.99 now?!" and another claiming they "loved them at $6.99 [but] won't be trying them at $12.99!!"

With a new product comes a new price

The major frustration Costco shoppers are dealing with isn't just the price increase but the fact that the product went from 12 cinnamon rolls down to six. A Reddit post discussing the product attempted to blame it on inflation. However, a commenter called it "greedflation." Similarly, another shopper reflected on the first time they saw the updated cinnamon rolls in Costco, saying that they "stared at the price in shock" with another shopper, and they even searched other containers to ensure they didn't have the wrong label.

Of course, once the shock of the new price wears off, it will be hard not to love the latest cinnamon rolls. Each roll is larger than the previous and still comes with the famous cream cheese icing. The recipe consists of all the delicious familiar ingredients such as flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and honey. Additionally, the new oven-safe pan allows all the rolls to be warmed.

While the product isn't super affordable, it's still cheaper than an actual 6-pack of Cinnabons, for instance. For those grocery shopping on a budget, the latest Costco cinnamon roll offering may not be a regular purchase. Still, for the holidays or special occasions, it's sure to be a great splurge.