Some Costco Shoppers Say Doing This To Cinnamon Pull-A-Parts Makes Them Amazing

For many of us, resistance is futile when we're offered a fragrant, mouthwatering cinnamon roll blanketed with cream cheese frosting. And while Costco's Cinnamon Pull-A-Part certainly is a firm fan favorite, it appears even a good thing can be made better with the help of a hack as proposed by one especially devoted Pull-A-Part lover. 

As the fan pointed out via Reddit, one easy way to take the sweet bread from delicious to sublime is to warm it up in the microwave oven. The user captions the post "Me taking one out to eat: meh, they don't look THAT great. Me after nuking one for 15 seconds: omg how many should I eat."

This post received a chorus of approvals from the Reddit community for the simple way of preparing the rolls for consumption, with one agreeing "Can confirm, these are dope" and another sharing "25-30 secs in the microwave (OK, I take a large section, not a single piece). DROOL."

Baked goods can struggle after they are microwaved

The microwave hack might have raised a few eyebrows especially since microwave ovens and bread aren't exactly known for being the best of friends, and that has to do with the way heat interacts with the molecules in baked goods. As The Spruce Eats points out, the flour used to make bread — or in this case, cinnamon rolls — is made up of two components: Gluten, which is a protein, and starch. When one of the two sugar molecules reaches a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it melts, leaving us with soft bread.

But just as quickly as it melts, that sugar molecule can recrystallize as its temperature drops, leaving us with hardened bread. So we're guessing the only way to consume the microwaved cinnamon rolls as the Reddit user suggests, might be to eat it as quickly as possible. While some users agree that the rolls are better warmed, they also agree that the oven is a better heating choice. Comments include "I love these! I put the whole thing in the oven under foil for like 20 minutes low temp and they are so good" and "It's oven or nothing for me."

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