The Filling Reason To Ask For Half-And-Half Meat At Chipotle

Chipotle has a well-earned reputation for hefty burritos and burrito bowls, which often provide customers with enough food for more than one meal. But those who are extra hungry or looking to stretch their leftovers even further should consider this convenient trick. All you'll need to do is ask to split your meat between two different choices.

It might not seem like it would make a difference, but it makes sense once you consider how Chipotle operates. One of the key parts of the business model is its fast, almost assembly-line-style service. This means employees must ask you for your fillings and add them quickly to keep the line moving. If you request half of one meat and half of another, it's unlikely they'll take the time to painstakingly measure a half-scoop of each. More likely, they'll eyeball it and end up giving you two not-quite-full scoops (say, two-thirds or three-quarters), resulting in a larger amount overall.

Simply, it's more important for workers to keep the line moving and serve as many meals as possible rather than measuring out each ingredient with precision.

Making the most of your order

While this technique works for any of Chipotle's menu offerings, it may be most effective with burrito bowls. Traditional burritos can run into issues with rolling when crammed too full, and tacos don't have the size to take advantage of the hack.

Generally speaking, opting for anything other than a burrito bowl is one of the top mistakes everyone makes when ordering from Chipotle. Another that's closely related to the half-and-half tip is failing to ask for extra of everything! There's no limit (within reason) for any toppings other than meat and guacamole, which will incur an extra charge. Just politely ask the employee for more. In the worst-case scenario, they say no, while in the best case, you'll size up your meal even more for no extra cost.

While Chipotle may have gone viral on TikTok because of its portion sizes, it's impossible to deny it's one of the top choices out there for those with a big appetite or those looking for an economical multi-meal option. Use this trick to get even more out of your next tasty Chipotle order.