Costco Decks The Halls With Junior's Christmas Tree Cheesecake

Although cheesecake is relatively simple to make, it's always been something we tend to think of as decadent, and best for special occasions or holidays. You may either love or hate the rich, creamy dessert and if you're one of the former, seeing a unique cheesecake at the grocery store could immediately make a person want to try it. That might be why Costco shoppers were thrilled to see a new item on sale: a Christmas-Tree designed New York cheesecake.

An Instagram video posted by @costcobuys shows the 48-ounce Junior's Tree Cheesecake in all its chocolate ganache festiveness. Decked out in red and green chocolate stripes and covered in tree-shaped sprinkles, the three-pound cheesecake serves 10 to 12 people.

The dessert is not only adorable, but the $25.99 price tag in the Instagram post is surprising when you consider the fact that it's sold on QVC's website for $93. Fans of Junior's were also quick to recommend the company to newbies of the brand. "Any good?? Would love to try," commented one curious person. "Their cheesecake is the best I've ever tasted," was among the replies.

Junior's cheesecake is a must-buy Costco item

Anyone familiar with Junior's shouldn't be surprised to see a Christmas tree-shaped cheesecake at Costco, as the company has had a history of offering holiday-themed creations. In 2021 Costco sold an Irish cream Junior's cheesecake in the weeks before St. Patrick's Day. Earlier this year, Costco shoppers were greeted with Easter Egg Layer Cakes for Easter. But finding a special holiday-themed Junior's cheesecake at Costco for $26 is pretty surprising.

Considering how long Junior's Cheesecakes have been in the spotlight, it's not surprising that Costco has wanted in on the action. The restaurant was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1950 by Harry Rosen, and has had the last 70-plus years to carve out a reputation for delicious, premium cheesecakes. Junior's appeared in the "Sex and the City" movie, and famous faces like former president Barack Obama have been spotted at its restaurants buying cheesecake. It has also grown from one bakery into five locations. And for those who buy them in person, Junior's ships across the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii.