If You're Not Eating Takis With Dip, You're Missing Out

If you've tried them, then you likely agree that Takis are a beloved snack with a unique taste. Many Takis fans believe the chips to be perfect just the way they are, so there's no need to make any improvements, right? Well, not necessarily. While Takis are undeniably delicious in their original form, if you love these chips, then you'll love them even more with a bit of dip. This applies to all the various flavors of Takis regardless of which is your favorite. 

Most people consider dips to be the ideal side for foods that are on the milder side, like raw vegetables or plain tortilla chips. The whole point of a dip is to spice up your snack a bit, right? Well, while Takis may be some of the most flavorful chips on the market, they can always use a little something extra. Elevating the snacks with different dips can transform Takis into a whole new flavor. So, what's the best thing to dip your Takis into? The possibilities are endless. It's all about how you want to improve your Takis' flavor. Would you prefer to enhance the natural spiciness or add a whole new dimension? What you choose will change your Takis entirely.

Different styles of dips will give your Takis a whole new life.

When choosing how to enhance your Takis, you need to know the flavors you want to bring out. If you love Takis just the way they are, then you may want to consider pairing them with sour cream to complement their flavor. Sour cream is a great addition to things like nachos and tacos, so the similar spicy flavors in Takis stand out even more with cooling sour cream. Another complementary and mild option is hummus. Hummus can turn Takis into a more filling snack with an added punch of protein and it won't take away from Takis' classic flavor, at all.

If you'd prefer to lean into Takis' flavor for a more intense and interesting snack, then you can opt for flavorful dips that work with spicy foods. Salsa is a great option for dipping and can take your Takis' flavor a bit further. Queso dip is another delicious choice for dipping, and you can also create Takis nachos with it. While Takis are certainly a popular snack food, they may not be something that most of us are inclined to put out as an appetizer when hosting or grabbing when you're looking for something filling in between meals. With a bit of dip, though, Takis can easily become a full-fledged hors d'oeuvres or hearty snack.